Summertime and the sabbatical

Having Tim home has been pretty awesome. It’s sad that the second week is almost over but on the other hand, I am happy that there are two more weeks of it. Today I took the girls with me to the Mom’s club monthly meeting, where I have been elected treasurer. It’s a role I don’t really want but a part of me things “Just do it, it’ll be good for you.” It was a pretty low key meeting as only the board members showed up. We brainstormed a bit on how to make the meetings more exciting to attend. I find that kind of funny considering that I rarely go to meetings prior to being elected. Morella spent a good portion of it standing off to the side watching the older kids play and eating a ring pop. However, by the end of it she was running around chasing and being chased. Meanwhile, Neeners sat in the middle of it all and rubbed her feet back and forth furiously and happily shrieking. After the meeting I packed the kids up and headed to Hyvee to buy Morella’s weekly milk. Usually we have lunch — today was a pulled pork sandwich and corn bread type side and a small side of fruit. It was good and I didn’t have to cook. We left for home afterward as Athena desperately needed a nap. So did Morella for that matter, but she never took one.

We did make her lay down for awhile to be quiet and hopefully asleep. During that time I snuck off and picked up Lowen to do some garage sales. We hit about 12 of them and got great tip on a huge neighborhood sale starting tomorrow. Sadly, Lowen has to work, but I don’t! In fact, I am going to leave the kids at home and go to these sales by myself. I felt sort of guilty about this for about a 1/2 an hour before I thought “Screw it, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and when else am I going to hit such a rummage jackpot kidless?” I had a great time shopping Lowen — she’s a born natural, and I got some great stuff. A bunch of 2-3T underwear and socks for 10 cents each, great quality 3T clothes for Morella next year, at least six pairs of quality tights — something both girls will be wearing by next year until they are four. One of the big benefits to having girls so close in age, I think. I am fairly certain that Athena will pretty much be Morella’s size by next year.

I won’t bore you with details on all my great finds…but I will say this. It’s so easy to be so generous by finding things for friends and family when you can do it garage sailing. In fact, just this week I finally sent my Mom a box of clothes I had gotten for a steal that she received on Tuesday. My Mom never buys clothes and wears everything until they are rags. She is always so happy to get clothes from me. I try to keep an eye out for stuff for my brothers too since they are big and tall, as well as friends of mine who I know can’t get the time to really rummage. It’s a win win, I tell you.

For the last three nights, thanks to — Tim has made dinner. Delicious dinners. It’s been so awesome to not have to cook for three whole days in a row. I have managed to find time to make Morella pair of Hochunk style moccasins and even bead them (not yet finished). I am having such a wonderful time making them and watching movies and TV. I feel a little like my old self is starting to return. We are making great headway on the house, and even put in a front garden with flowers and tomatoes. We still need to put in bricks to make a border, but that will happen. Our front rose bush has sprouted an incredible amount of deep red flowers. This is the most flowers that it has ever produced! Maybe it’s a sign that things are going well in this house.

We looked at and thought about buying a car — a Mazda 5. While the price was good, I just couldn’t stomach buying a new car when we expressly didn’t need on yet. Instead, Tim and I thought more about how he can ride bike to work at his new job. He took a test drive today and it took him 1 hour 6 minutes to get there, and 1 hour and 15 minutes coming back. We do plan on him getting an electric assist bike, so that should shave about 10 minutes off, I hope. Our hope, is that by the time snow falls on the ground and he can’t ride that we’ll have figured out some carpooling option. We have a friend (Laima) that works in Verona, so we are thinking of asking her if she would be interested in carpooling once a week. Or maybe one of Tim’s new coworkers lives downtown and would be interested in carpooling…We are going to wait and see. If anything, we’ll have saved a bunch of money for a great downpayment if we do buy one.

Hold on — Morella is crying. — It was a bad dream. I used the moment to retrieve the moccassin I was working on beading. I had forgotten it in her room when I showed Karen it this evening.

Karen’s last week is next week. :( I’m sad that she is going to be leaving us (though still being our neighbor). She was offered a full time nanny position for the summer. I can’t beat that! The three other leads I possibly had haven’t panned out so now I am thinking I will have to actually place an advertisement on the University job boards and hire someone. Boo. I am not sure when I’ll do it. I entertained the idea of just letting it go — but what would that serve? Tim is going to be away from the house even more, I’ll need that little extra help more than ever. I think I’ll place an ad soon so that I can interview the people without kids. Maybe. I don’t know. I just feel like I might be doing this all over again come Fall when whoever I find goes back to school. I wish I had a friend who had two kids, who was willing to swap hours with me (Sarah). That would just be so much easier. I’ll have to think on this some more. I don’t want to pay the price for sittercity when the UW is free.

Well, I have a bunch of pictures i am going to post sometime. It’s hard to be motivated to write when you are so busy with life…but at the same time I don’t want to forget this awesome summer I am having. The battery on this laptop is going faster that it used to. I know, use the Ipad, but I have a hard time typing long things on it. Okay. I have an old leather suitcase with pictures, a few letters and other random things I got from the old shed at my grandmother’s when I there last week that I want to go through. There is yet another new tenant that my brother is letting live in the house that he was given when my grandmother died. He trashes it, lets someone else move in and they fix it up and then he kicks them out, trashes it…rinse and repeat. I have let this stuff sit in the shed for over 7 years. That is plenty long enough for me to claim rights.

2 thoughts on “Summertime and the sabbatical

  1. Sarah

    Tim is going to be buff if he bikes to Verona! He’ll have the most amazing cardiac health, too.

    Is there any reasonable way to do the Metro bus? Route 55 serves Verona/Epic from the West Transfer Point three times in the mornings and late afternoons, but I imagine there’d be a lot of stop-and-go getting from the East Side to the West Transfer Point. May be more hassle than it’s worth.

    Pulled pork sounds so good right now, even at 8 in the morning. I’ve made it occasionally ever since the pulled pork party at your place — so tender and good, and so surprisingly easy as long as I plan ahead a little! We like it spiced with a little cumin, salt, and pepper, and rolled in corn tortillas with mexican cheese, guacamole, and maybe some salsa and sour cream.

    Ha, I’ve wished we could do babysitting swaps too, at least for short periods for doc appointments and such. I am honestly not sure if I am ready to handle all four kids for long periods, although I have managed several babies -OR- several toddlers for hour+ church services. That did not require feedings or putting them down for naps, though.

    Glad to hear your rose bush is doing beautifully! Does it take a lot of care throughout the seasons? Do you cover it when it gets cold?

  2. Hot Belly Mama

    I love garage sales. Mimi is i 18 months going on to 2T at only 11 months old. But I get the feeling she will be wearing these 2T things for a while. I don’t know why but it could just be the way they fit. We have a lot of apostolic lutherans in our town (they don’t believe in birth control and have 12 kids or more usually) and they always have the best sales. ten cents for an item is a steal!

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