Ode to Ashley

My name is Ash the mash I have no cash
But to play with a rag that’s my bag
With hair so long, you just can’t go wrong
With looks like mine, it’s a crime
Pooping in the dark is an art
And spinning my wheels like a cart
My legs are long and lean
And by looking at me – you know what I mean
I snort like a bull, run like a deer
And take on all comers with no fear.
And so cheer on and on my friend,
With my good looks there just no end.




Type written note on yellowed paper found in the suitcase. Cinnamon Ashley was my grandmother’s little white dog that lived for 17 years. The “ode” is written by my father.

One thought on “Ode to Ashley

  1. Sarah

    That’s catchy. I actually think I’m going to have some lines running through my head for years. “Ash the mash I have no cash!” “Pooping in the dark is an art!”

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