You know folks, I really wasn’t kidding when I said I had a much longer version available (it is kind of interesting to read…I think.). Oh well. I just haven’t had many emails lately, and I am feeling very worthless at work. Did I mention that I did not get that promotion? I just got a new title. Program Coordinator.

Fuckinga. Woo. Plus an extra dollar and hour while my supervisor is on maternity leave for “added responsibilities” which I honestly can’t tell you what they are right now because I feel like I have done jack shit. I guess I get the role of being responsible for everything, and for that ….responsiblity I am being compensated. Seems stupid to me. Seems like I should do more than just be responsible for anything that goes wrong. Or maybe I feel that way because (knock on wood) nothing serious has happened. The *only* thing I have to do today is order some furniture for the a conference room renovation that took over two months to hammer out. That is it.

I made two phone calls today too. Does that count for anything? I think I even answered four questions, and replied to two emails, and helped one person with keys.

PLEASE if anyone is in the Milwaukee Area or even Madison has a job lead for Tim or I please, please let me know about it. Keep an eye out? Will ya? (and we might even be convinced about MN –although that would take some convincing). And for the love of God EMAIL me! I am desperate for something to do.

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