I need it. I feel like I have so many half projects floating around and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Tim’s time is fast finishing. I just realized today that it’s the 9th. The NINTH!

Thursday: Tim is gone all day at a new company sponsored Brewers game. It’ll be good for him to meet and get to know his new coworkers in a relaxed environment like this. Really, you couldn’t ask for a better start.

Friday – Free and clear so far.
Saturday – Waterfront Marquette Water Festival. Tim’s old man drinking night (In lieu of Hilary’s really awesome boat 30th birthday party. Okay, I’m lame, but I just can’t figure out doing it with Neeners without someone (namely everyone involved but me) suffering. It’s in Milwaukee so I don’t know how I could do it while nursing. Athena always wakes up between 11-12 to nurse and it’s one of her biggest nursing sessions of the day. It’s the 4:00 feeding that I could probably drop, but that doesn’t do me any good.)
Sunday – Dogfest then driving to my Dad’s for a couple of days.
Monday – Driving from my Dad’s to my Mom’s for her birthday.
Tuesday – Dad’s
Wednesday – Dad’s
Thursday – Dad’s and then driving home.
Friday –
Saturday – 1st Birthday party in Appleton
Sunday –
Monday – Tim’s first day back at work. Out the door from 7 until 6 now, Monday through Friday until the end of time. :P

Sigh. In other news, I have a new baby sitter. The con is that she’s in high school and it’s only a summer gig, so I will have to find someone new again in the fall. Who knows maybe I won’t need one then…though as Hilary once said “If offered time, always take it.” So I might. Life with the girls has gotten a ton easier since they are older. You know in the whole scope of things though, they are still little.

Okay. It’s like almost 6:30 and we haven’t eaten dinner. Our whole schedule is thrown off right now by an hour or two. Oh Tim bought his electric assist bike today. Morella will only wear princess dresses. I took Athena’s 10 month photo, but still need to figure out which one to take. She is crying in almost all of them — I hope all this fuss is because she is working on a tooth. It would be nice. I should do a nice update for her too. I ordered her birthday invitations today. Oh so let that be said…

Save the Date for Neener’s 1st Birthday party
Saturday, August 7th – afternoon

It’ll be awesome.

Maybe I wouldn’t so bummed about time running out so fast if so much of it wasn’t spent at my Dad’s just sitting around doing nothing. I’m too much of a Mom right now to sit around and do nothing with two little kids, who like to have things to do. Plus, my dad is depressed a good part of the time, the only toys are the ones that we bring and they aren’t at an age where they can explore the woods or do other things like that without constant supervision. Heck, climbing up the stairs to the attic requires a close hand. Then I gotta think of all the meals i have to prepare with a bare pantry — so that is extra planning on what to bring/cook and possibly what pans to bring. Complain complain complain. I know. It’s selfish of me, but I really wish that Barb were still there (even though she was unhappy). Having a woman on the premises makes things so much easier — for me. I have a billion things I could do at home, but you know I won’t always have a billion moments to hang out at my Dad’s, so yeah. I’m sure it will be worth it, right?

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