Awesome Summer Day

Today was an awesome summer day. It started with Morella walking into our room to wake us up. It’s uncanny how Athena can go from zonked to sitting up and bright eyed the second flutter of her eyes upon waking, which she always does when Morella walks in. I decided that I wanted to go out for breakfast since our opportunities to do so without big crowds was fast ending. We decided on Lazy Jane’s. I then took a shower with the door closed! Got the girls dressed in adorable summer dresses and headed to Lazy Jane’s for delicious gravy and biscuits with eggs, a raspberry scone and wonderfully rich coffee. They have an excellent kid’s section upstairs so Morella played while we lingered over our brunch and Athena screeched happily between mouthfuls of sausage and orange.

Afterward, we headed out to revisit a garage sale I had been to yesterday. The woman (whom my friend described as Queen Carnie — she runs all the midway carnivals in town) said she would have oodles of girl clothes the next day, along with several princess dress up things. Sadly, when I arrived she had nothing extra and was gone. Her Mom was there today though and it’s quite obvious that she is a hoarder (the daughter also said it yesterday when her Mother was not around). I wonder if the Mom showed up and made things hard for the daughter to add to the sale, or if the daughter was just overwhelmed by a last minute garage sale. In any case, there was nothing new. So I decided to go Happy Bambino to get some more diaper liners for Athena. Athena had fallen asleep on the way to the repeat sale and stayed that way. I stopped at another yard sale on the way to the store and scored a Little People zoo and train set, with all the animals, food and people for only $5.00. It’s great because I got a Little People barn last week for $2 and a the complete first run of Noah’s Ark animals and people for $3, add that to the Ark that Morella got from her grandparents and you are looking at a great collection. Morella spent all afternoon and evening playing with it when she was in the house. Her favorite game is “Where’s Mommy?” loosely based off of Piglet and Momma by Margaret Wild. A little animal will wander around aimless calling out “Mommy! Mommy! Where are you?”

Eventually I made it to Happy Bambino where Athena and Tim stayed in the car while I ran in with Morella. “ran” is a strong word…I got my liners and while looking around for the resale diaper items Morella told me she had to use the bathroom. I dropped my liners off at the counter and took her back, passing a room with a bunch of merchandise. I got a closer look when we were finished with the restroom and saw it was a big clearance sale going on. I found four handmade soaps for $1.70 each, and something I didn’t really need but really wanted — a pouch type sling. It was 50% off … so cheap! The bjorn is awesome, and Ergo is actually a little harder to use in the side carry position than I would like it to be, so I thought that a pouch sling would be lightweight, easier to carry in the diaper bag, and cover up unsightly bulges better than the Bjorn or Ergo (both of which accentuate how fat if you are). :P Later on when I got home I realized that I had bought a small/medium. Nuts! I quickly went back to see if I could exchange it for a bigger size, but saw that they were out and that was it. They had slings like the maya wrap — but I didn’t want to deal with that — I wanted a pouch type sling. I decided to just add a panel myself and make it bigger. I cut out the material this afternoon and cut the carrier — I plan on sewing it after I am done with this post.

We spent the afternoon playing in the back yard in the little blow up pool. The pool that seems to attract earwigs and holes. I covered one hole with some packaging tape and that seemed to work fine. It’s not like the pool is filled with a ton of water anyway. Just enough for the girls to get wet and play. Around 3 they crashed out. I went to Hyvee to get Morella some more of her milk and stuff for dinner since it was too hot to cook. I stopped at Ace afterward to buy some pink paint for Morella’s new night table ($2) and step up foot stool ($3) that we got for the bathroom. While I was there I got one of those plastic pools for the backyard. It’ll just be easier to care for than the blow up one. I am going to take that with us to Dad’s with a pack of electric tape. I don’t imagine it will survive the trip back home, but it will give us something to do while we are there! I never see hard plastic pools at garage sales. I wonder why….

When I got back I saw that our friend Matt had already come over to help with the taking down, lifting over a fence and reassembling of a playset that our single, childfree new backyard neighbor gave us. The playset was installed about 3 years ago and is in pretty good condition. It will just need to be sealed and painted. In the meantime, I took off the big kid swings and put in the two bucket seats I have acquired (the blue one was free from my friend Emily and the red one was $3 at a thrift sale). I have imagined so many fun things that we are going to do with it over the years and look forward to seeing what sorts of adventures the girls will think of. I think I need to make some cookies to go around as thanks!

The kids got up late and I feed them a cold dinner. We went outside and watched Morella be super excited about the set and Athena be thrilled about more pulling up to standing. We made some margarita’s, moved the party inside and the girls stayed up past 9:00! I just had to document this day. This great day we had while Tim had a month off between jobs when our babies were still babies enjoying the beginning of summer together as a family. My little, awesome, fabulous, great family.

We are so blessed.

Oh and here is a photo of the roses that bloomed in the front by the entrance.

PS. Tim turned on the air conditioning, so my sultry summer day has ended. Sure the AC is nice, but I like a little stifling heat, especially after those long cold winters.

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