New Dog!

I don’t have a photo of him — I forgot to take one today when we visited him again to make sure that he was the dog for us, but I’ll take care of that soon enough. He’s perfect. He met the girls and was just wonderful with Athena and Morella. Over the last week I had sort of forgotten just how short he is. When he is laying down he looks like a normal sized medium dog but when he stands up you see just how short he is. That said, he seems to have plenty of energy, doesn’t bark, cat friendly, loves kids and is mellow – just the way we like it. He’ll even fit into our car with the kids so I see plenty of dog park excurusions in the future. He’s about 1 year old, black, big floppy ears and I sense is a total snuggle bunny. We went and got his new midsized crate today, two toys, a box of biscuits, pig ears, greenies and super delicious treats to get him started on fitting in around here. Come Sunday we are going to fit into our neighborhood again.

Okay, seriously, there are a few people who are dogless, but they are definitely the minority.

We went to that Buffalo Wings place for lunch today and it totally sucked. Either that or we are food snobs. I managed to get in a few garage sales and got some more Little People stuff, some clothes for my Mom, toy kitchen stuff (big score for only 25 cents), and a few other toys. I also splurged and got Morella some princess type clothes (dressy dresses) from Savers and one super fru fru skirt from Old Navy which was 40% off). She’ll love it! She’s totally into dressing like a princess every day. It’s not hard to be a princess though — anyone can be a princess, you just have to wear a skirt. ;)

Tomorrow we are going to Appleton for a birthday party. Morella will be totally jazzed about that since she loves birthday parties…or parties of any sort, but especially birthday parties. This past week there were a lot of graduation parties that she noticed and wanted to crash every single one of them. Tim had to explain to her that parties were something that you had to be invited to, and we couldn’t just go to any old party that we saw taking place.

A few of our favorite Morella sayings this past week are “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” and “Oh man!” and “Back here!” (as in get back here) and “Wait!”

Sheesh, she’s a bossy little one. I think I mentioned her other big commands “Take turn Mommy/Daddy/Neener!” and “Share!” Of course, by share what she really means is “Let Morella do it.”

2 thoughts on “New Dog!

  1. Sarah

    Congratulations on the dog! What name did you go with? As a lifelong Neverending Story freak, I vote Falkor, if it’s not too late. Photos of pup and his new family soon, I hope…

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