I need more online journals to read. I have only like.. four that I check on daily. That was always fine before when I had a lot of work todo…but then again it is mure fun when they are stretched out over all day…with a few more to do it. I prefer to read those that I know though…or knew. Like finding old highschool friends journals would be awesome, expect Blog doesn’t have a search function, and I didn’t exactly pay for my livejournal account (so those options are refused to me). 8( Pooter.

Last night I caught Buffy. What the fuck?! I miss it for a couple weeks and off a sudden I tune in to find that they took me up on my idea of creating an army?! Damn it all. At least it is cool to see that army though. 8) And it still sucks that Angel is moving to a Wednesday time slot….just when it was getting good. Tim and I would watch it on Sunday’s (which we have since replaced with Babylon 5 during rerun season). Now I am going to have to tape it on my crappy vcr. I need a new one. It would be cool if they had a dvd player that recorded (other than TIVO). Then I read, and then wrote a letter and finally went to bed. Super tired this morning. I had convinced myself that my alarm clock had a 15 minute snooze this morning. I weighed the pros and cons of getting ready in 15 min…and decided to go for it. A short nap after waking up wouldn’t hurt anyone. So I hit the snooze..and it went of 5 minutes later. I looked at my watch in suprise…and then remembered. Yeah. I have a five minute snooze.

Andrew, my ride to work, told me that he has a eight minute snooze. Wow! And that there is such a thing as clocks where you can SET your snooze time? Sign me up! I want one of those clocks. I still have the crappy little alarm clock I bought from Walgreens on State Street when I was in college.

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