Today I got up at 8.30. Last night after work we went to the Keg and ended up staying there until 9.00, drinking several pitchers and eating dinner. (I had nachos). Then we came home, feed the fish and cats, took Migo potty and then went to bed. So this morning was nice….I had plenty of time to sleep off the booze. Watched Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels and then went out and ran errands.

We went out to Games Plus so Tim could get his gaming fix, to Petsmart to get cat food and look at fish/cats, grocery shopping (which I absolutely HATE to do on a weekend during the day because the sheer amount of stupid people littering the aisles and bad cart driving), and then home. Of course, being a new cell user I forgot my cell phone, so I turned it one as soon as I got home and my friend Dave from college called. Awesome. I haven’t seen Dave in 4 years and he’s in town for the weekend. I am really excited to see him and catch up.

But before I do that, I am going to dye my hair. Egyptian Plum from Feria.

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