Falkor’s new treats

Whatta day. I haven’t had a moments rest until five minutes ago 10:15. Stupid fireworks. I had to close all the windows and turn on the air to drown out the noise. I think it started last night when Athena wouldn’t settle. She woke up around 11 and I decided to go to bed early and just nurse her down and stay there. She just kept flopping around and at one point sat up, leaning next to me and fell asleep sitting there. Then she flopped back onto me and slept there for a few minutes before more restless moving. Eventually she started to cry, and I heard the bird clock click that it was 12, so I got up and gave her some tylenol, around 20 minutes later (just as it kicked in) she finally went to sleep. Morella was up at 7:00 this morning as Tim was leaving for work because Falkor went into her room nosing around. I put Athena in the crib and got up with her to watch a little morning television, get ready for the day, make breakfast and drink some coffee.

There goes Neeners…seriously? Come on, Mommy needs 15 minutes to write. Be quiet Tim! (He just got home from his gaming night). The only time that he saw the kids today was for five minutes when they were sleeping after he walked the dog for me.

Anyway. I went garage sale shopping with Lowen this morning, but the sales were few and far between. I did manage to get some great deals. I mean it…great. I got a princess foam easy chair for a buck (it was dirty, but a good soak in some borax got it looking pristine), a paper bag full of duplo blocks and animals and people for $5.00, some neat dresses for Mina and some clothes, craft kits (25 or 50 cents each), a fun bright light type thing for .50, a wood puzzle (I’ve been stocking up for the winter when Morella will be a little older and more patient in figuring them out) and an awesome, spacious dollhouse. That means I don’t need the other one that we have — Sarah do you want it? Otherwise it I’ll offer it up to my playgroup. Oh and a really cool, wooden type domino play set, and a vet kit for .25 — my thought in a lot of this was to start my Christmas shopping early. Good times.

Oh, when we first got started we drove to Cottage Grove to search out sales but as I mentioned, there weren’t that many. We decided to have brunch at this cafe, where one of the old ladies came over to our table (the place was pretty empty) and picked up a coloring book on the floor and put it on the table where the empty booster seat was. We had just let Morella and Athena on the ground because it was so sparse and there had been a few kids next to us when we sat that enticed them out to play. Of course they left and we got the passive aggressive gesture of “Make your kids sit down.” :P Whatever, old lady. No one else was bothered. Though I am sure if she had a blog she would have remarked about how young women these days don’t watch their kids.

I should mention that Morella was wearing an incredibly fluffy, blue flowery concoction of a princess dress that we got yesterday at St. Vincent – the vastly overpriced thrift store. I wouldn’t have even gotten it if I hadn’t found a super awesome pair of dress shoes for $7.00 and I had promised we would get her another princess dress this week. I told her after that we could only get them at garage sales. How was I supposed to know there would only be a few today with no little girl clothing?

Eventually we got home, and Morella took a nap. Athena wouldn’t though. I played with her. Nursed her. Walked her. Nothing. I hung up laundry, nursed her again and nothing. Finally I held her and bounced infant style before she finally got sleepy. I couldn’t put her down though. I sat with her in the glider and rocked until she fell asleep and sort of closed my eyes and dozed myself until Tim got home and wanted to know what was for dinner. Rather he asked if he should make dinner. I said sure, but I would prefer that he walk the dog. I had tried walking the dog myself last week with the girls and it was a nightmare because he pulls for rabbits and squirrels, to say nothing of picking up dog poop with a baby strapped to my chest.

He walked the dog and left without waking Morella. Lowen stopped by again at that point to borrow my gps because she is driving to Mankato by herself tomorrow night for a wedding. I told her that having a GPS in your car makes you feel like you can do anything, go anywhere, conquer anything and that it was a very good idea that she thought to ask. Our talking woke both girls up. She left to pack and say adios to her husband who was going on his own road trip, leaving me in my disaster of a house with a dinner to make at 6:10. For the girls, I made ramen noodles and steamed broccoli for dinner. They devoured it and Morella told me for the first time “Mommy make good dinner.” Ha ha. I had leftover mexican casserole myself and we all had a little ice cream for dessert.

After that I cleaned the new dollhouse while Morella played with it, and Athena pulled up and helped. Then we played with the new lego duplo’s and then…..then….(it’s was about 9:00 then) Falkor came into the living room with what looked like a piece of chewed up egg or bread. I picked it up and smelled it and without really registering it, I ran to our bedroom. All over the floor was ripped up poopy diapers and diaper gel. It was so disgusting! I yelled “Falkor!” (though not cool like the movie). I put a screaming Athena in the crib while I grabbed the vacuum to clean it up. Meanwhile, Falkor was hanging out by the back door hiding from me. He knew I was pissed! What a smart dog. After it was cleaned up I let him out, washed my hands twice and picked up Athena. I told Morella she could watch an episode of Backyardigans while I put Neeners down. After a half an hour of outside noise waking her up, I shut the windows and put her in the crib so I could Morella to bed. She cried for 15 seconds before going quiet. Thank god!

I cleaned up Morella’s room to make space for her new toys and wonder of wonders, she helped me put them all away! Including her new princess chair which I said she could keep in the living room. I then tried to watch an episode of Dr. Who but was continually interrupted by Morella freaking out about the fireworks, the dog opening her door more than “a little crack,” being cold (wanting to be tucked in), her room was too windy (turn of the fan), to being tucked in again and finally one more round of fireworks.

I did manage to have a beer to unwind and since I promised myself to go bed bed by 11 — I’ll end it here, with 13 minutes to spare.

Overall, though I had no time to myself at all today, it was a good day. Morella is a sweet heart and Athena is clearly going through something and just need some extra cuddles, carrying, nursing and playing. It won’t last forever. It’s just temporary.

One more thing — I think I am little more enamored of Morella because she is going to be staying with her grandparents next week. All week. It will only be four full days without seeing me (we go on Saturday night and leave Monday afternoon) and come back on Saturday to pick her up, however my baby girl! I want to chicken out but it’s not fair to Morella. I had a good bond with my grandmother growing up because I spent weekends and weeks with her when my Dad had custody of us. I don’t think I would have had such a good relationship if I hadn’t had visited her for extended periods of time. Morella should have that same opportunity with at least one set of her grandparents as there is no way she would ever get to have that experience with my parents. So next week it is going to just be me and Neeners. On one hand maybe I’ll get a ton done around the house, on the other maybe I’ll be too busy waiting by the phone for that call that I need to go and rescue my little girl.

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  1. L

    phew! I was worried that with your “new leaf” business you might not be posting here any more! that would be SAD. (L breathes a sight of relief)

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