Splash park

I am currently in bed waiting to make sure that Morella is asleep. Athena fell asleep finally about 15 minutes ago after having a fairly crabby morning. Stephanie, our new baby sitter was here this morning. I used the time to take a shower, go to the bank, talk to my neighbor to see if he would watch Falkor, said hi to our new permeant neighbor in the old, but newly remodeled house next door, and then packed everyone off to check out the splash park in Middleton. It was a bust because both kids were crabby about getting wet. We stopped at Sonic on the way back and Whole Foods to buy some plastic reusable bags. Sadly they were out, but they did have a ton of samples, so we ate lunch by eating those.

Okay the dog just whined to come in and I successfully put Neeners in her crib so I can attempt to make something for the party tonight. I had told both of the girls that if try didn’t take a nap then we wouldn’t go to the party.

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