Fourth of July

Remember that I have to pay for the cell phone bill tomorrow.

What a weekend…I am pretty glad it is over. Friday night we went to a Fourth of July party with the girls. It was the first time that Morella saw fireworks and she h….

Oh heck. I got sick. It came down on me fast and hard and it was brutal. We did go to Tim’s parents and I quarantined myself off for a good portion of our stay. Regardless, I have two very small children who need me and Athena was the second to come down with it, shortly thereafter Morella got it…in fact today is her worst day. She headed off to vacation bible camp this morning with her cousin Zeland after a very rough night interrupted by nightmares of fireworks (despite the fact that she loved them). About an hour later the house phone began to ring. I said “I begyt that is them calling for me to go and get her.” Sure enough I walked into the building to find a woman carrying my sobbing, pink princess dressed toddler and pushing a baby in a stroller. I relieved her of her duty and thanked her. I carried both Athena and Morella back to the house and watched as she got sicker. Poor kid. She flunked VBC.

In the end we decided to take Morella back with us. She is just too young for VBC. Coupled with being sick — it is a recgMorella went through almost an entire box of Kleenex and ranted and raved about everything from little baby candies, to Neeners jumping on the bed, to horses, and singing. Thankfully, by the time that Athena finally went to bed she seemed to be doing much better, along with me feeling much better today means that it was a 48 hour bug. A ruthless little bug. I haven’t felt that bad in a long time. There were moments that I felt like being in a hospital. I think because at that point it had turned into a chest cold and it brought back memories of my last asthma induced hospital stay in 6th grade.

Poor kids. :(

There was one moment out of the whole weekend that was just priceless. We had just indured an hour of biting mosquitos with the kids running around in the grass dancing to classic rock cover songs, wrestling and sitting in their mini bag chairs. A light rain began just as the fireworks show started. Morella sat done in her chair with the hood of her princess sweater pulled up and stared at the fireworks across Hilbert’s fireman park baseball diamond. She was rapt. Lost in the moment and could barely contain her excitement as they started with a big pink firework. She would look at us every now and then as if to say “Can you believe this?” and then would furiously clap her approval. There were a few times she was the only one clapping…as if her claps were keeping the show going. Time transcended and I fully understood the phrase ‘seeing things for the first time through a kids eyes.’

Morella is awake again and needs another resettle. Maybe a dose of a painkiller.

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