Sometimes it’s hard to not get bogged down by some of the every day challenges that pop up. You know when I was working these sorts of “challenges” would have seemed like a much bigger deal, though I often feel like I still want to make them a big deal. The reasoning for this is that when you are working a full-time office job, everything is pretty much the same. You get up, go to work, do some work, go home, make dinner, go to bed. The challenges that come up are usually work related and generally aren’t worth writing home about. They are pretty much only good for complaining to your co-workers or partner. The subject matter that gets spread around to coworkers, party friends, family, letters, and blogs is the “challenges” that happen in your daily life. The “dog got into the bucket of poopy diaper and spread it all over the bedroom,” “daughter decided to wash her hair and pump in 1/2 a bottle of handsoap on her head,” to “baby likes to crawl after bugs and poke them to death before trying to put them in her mouth” types of stories. Or maybe those are just the stories that I want to hear. Maybe I would be interested in the font sizing difficulty of your lastest publication, or why certain images come out blurry when you print them, or how annoying it is when someone won’t get back to you on one little thing when you emailed them two days ago. Sure I can understand the drudgery of eating out (again) alone while traveling, or not having full weekends to yourself because you are on call, or … well you get the picture.

Heck, now that I think about it, maybe those are all good things to write home about. At least your loved ones would know what you are thinking instead of not writing at all.

Anyway. I feel like I have already forgotten most of today’s challenges after a good hour of peace and quiet that I used to read, look at the computer, print out party invite text and write this post. There were things like broken crystal glass, shopping at Target with a potty break and juice spill (I called someone to clean it up and they were nice about it, especially since I said it was Neener’s fault — which it was), Falkor eating Morella’s raspberry coffee cake while her back was turned and her subsequent hysterics, taking yet another fast shower with the door open, cursing our horribly dirty kitchen and trying to clean off a counter so we could even make coffee cake, fruit flies, Neener’s not letting me put her down for a second for most of the day, Morella needing medicine every five minutes for *something*, me desperate needing my contacts to be put in because I can’t stand wearing glasses, etc.

Really I think today’s big frustration is the kitchen. I can’t keep up with it. Having two eating kids under 3 makes keeping the white tiled floor clean virtually impossible, to say nothing of the table or the sink. The dog is apparently picky. :P

Hey – thanks to Laima for the rhubarb rolls and magazines yesterday. We all enjoyed the rolls very much and I have added the stack of magazines to the ones I still need to look through. Ugh, it’s been a busy summer.

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