11 Month Neeners

–A couple days ago you rolled over on to your tummy and slept that way. The first time ever sleeping on your tummy. Now you are finding more time to do it.
–You love free standing. You will pull up, let go and and stand … sometimes dancing and bouncing before falling to your butt in a controlled fall. Tim thinks you might be walking to your birthday cake — at this rate you just might.
–No teeth yet. Still that one tooth you were born with, though you have been super cranky (sick aside) the last couple of days so maybe…maybe you are finally working on another tooth.
–You have learned how to talk in the fakey play talk that Morella and I engage in when stuffies or play things are talking to each other. You know that high pitched voice…it’s hilarious. No one has any idea what you are saying but you sure are heck playing along.
–No words yet.
–Learned to sign bye bye, and I think you know you ‘all done’.
–You have definitely slowed your weight gain and are slimming down considerably. All of your formula fed peeps are outranking you roll for roll.
–You like food — no real favorites though, but not a big fan of bananas. Dang it — they are so cheap and plentiful though!
–Favorite toys right now include fistfuls of crayons and twistables, rocks, kleenex, morella’s purple easter bunny — whatever Morella has or is doing.
–Still crawls monkey style.
–Likes to read books.
–Yesterday, on your 11 month, you started to go sleep by yourself after nursing – IN YOUR CRIB. Repeated again tonight — this might be the dawn of new era!

Couple days later – July 11th

–You got your first tooth! Friday afternoon, having lunch at HyVee, I noticed her second bottom tooth finally came through. Hurray! She’s been a terrible teether though. I had hoped that she would be the kind of baby that just one day “oh look, teeth”, but alas she is not.

–A distrubing trend has started in which you fall asleep sitting up. This can’t seem right. Last night you were so worked up in bed with us that I just put you in your crib to sleep and saw first hand how you will sit next to crib rail and fall asleep. As you were falling forward you would wake up a little and snuffle, etc – dragging out this whole going to sleep process. I helped you lay down and there you stayed until the morning. Your second, almost sleeping through the night.

–Yesterday you slept all the way through.

It’s like a switch went off and all of a sudden you are changing into an older baby. I can hardly believe it. I have also been indulging in my new found freedom at night. Being able to just feed you and then leave is so much nicer than having to nurse you down for 15min to an hour every night. I went out to a Mom’s night at the Opus Lounge and then visited a friend who just has twins at the hospital for a couple hours. Last night I went out and met with two friends in a secret back porch and chatted while nursing a beer. I only got two skeeter bites then.

Friday I got heatsick doing yard work while the baby sitter was here. It totally sucked — but on the bright side I got a ton done outside.

– Even later —

This just isn’t happening today. Tim stayed up a bunch of nights in a row late, Morella was up late and waking up frequently the couple days before, Neeners was up having a party at bedtime last night — and so he’s tired. We are all tired, some of more than others. Morella was up at 7 this morning, and is totally a whiny mess. Neeners fluctuates between being independent and totally needy. Oh, Morella is whining again and I find that my voice is raising. These kids need to take a effing nap. Tim is. He was no good to me. Flopping from room to room barely functioning. I just can’t stand that. You might as well take a nap instead of being in the same room with me doing nothing and being crabby about it.

Yesterday we went to La Fete De Marquette, which is a neighborhood festival. We ate a ton and went late to try and beat the heat. It’s held in a parking lot and the girls are just too little to still really appreciate it. I figure slow exposure will eventually pay off. That and coordinating with other people, bringing out chairs and really making an afternoon or evening out of it will be awesome. One day. As for now, I wish that it was held in a park like it was the first few years. I have no qualms letting Athena crawl around in the dirt and grass, but filthy parking lot is another story.

I need to write. I have am so far behind on so many things. I also currently hate my kitchen. I have overdue library books. There is still laundry piled all over the living room. The garbage bins all need to be emptied. Neeners is crying for me to pick her up again. If only I could type and hold a baby without it taking hours.

(Edited to add – I forgot to post the photos of Athena. Another post tonight I guess).

2 thoughts on “11 Month Neeners

  1. Sarah

    Great post! Athena will really enjoy it someday. I would love to hear you three gals doing the fakey play talk together. It’s hilarious that Athena is joining in already. A Mom’s Night at Opus sounds wonderful — was it moms you already knew from another group, or an advertised gathering?

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