11 Month Photo

Montage can be found here.

I liked how the first image is so similar to the first image I have starting this little journey of Athena at 1 month. I do wish I had started at day 0 – but you know that was just unlikely.

We went to the doctor today because of a suspected ear infection. Of course Athena rocked it and was healthy. He said that she is in the 10-14 day waiting range to see if the cold turns into a sinus infection and to keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, she is super cranky except when dosed and wants me to hold her all the time. She isn’t eating anything, and just throws it off her plate in disgust. She has a clear runny nose, that is starting to clear up, but mostly she was banging at her right ear. I want to buy a ear scope and figure out how to tell myself so I can save myself money from going to the doctor since every trip now costs me a bucket of dollars. I was so upset about it during the check in (and watching how so many others were asked how they were going to pay for it, which I don’t recall happening at GHC) that I started to cry. I pulled it together and acted like a sullen baby for the actual doctor’s visit though. Athena weighs 20.2 pounds, with her clothes and a slightly soiled diaper on. I knew it. I knew she wasn’t gaining weight and was slimming down. I am destined to have beanpoles for kids.

Uh Tim is home with Morella from the vet or whatever. He needed to get Frontline for Falkor. Athena doesn’t want me to hold her, but wants down. GAH!

One thought on “11 Month Photo

  1. Jessie

    That’s normal. They grow up and slim down, then they stop growing for a minute and grow out. I remember Dean’s growth spurts. He would sleep all the time and cry because his legs and arms would hurt. They would hurt so bad that sometimes all he could do was sit and cry. The doctor confirmed it as growing pains. I never even knew they were real, but he suffered with them every growth spurt every couple of months until just a couple years ago. Interestingly, he has bad knees, but has never been injured. I wonder if he grew too hard too fast? Is that possible?

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