Wahoo. I found another penpal…well…rather she found me. She is from Vienna and seems SUPER interesting. I do not know anything else about her. I can’t wait for that first letter. Wow, I am really excited. I wonder how old she is, what she does (I think she is out of school based on one line….kind of nice. I find that I really don’t care to hear how people have to take test’s, do a paper, read a lot..etc. That stuff is only interesting to OTHER students who only want to hear it so that they can bellyache back about how much stuff THEY have to do). Hmm. I have also never had a penpal from Vienna. EeK Excited!

Friday night I didn’t hang out with Callie…we made plans and everything but I was really tired. I called her at 6.00 and we made plans to hang out on Saturday during the day instead. I mean, I had nothing to do then, and I rather liked the idea of actual hanging out…vs doing something canned like dinner, movies, or bar. On Saturday morning, I got up, ate breakfast and then Tim went to his Mech Tournament (where he was creamed yet again) and I went to Callie’s. We (including Krisiti–cos it was her idea) went to the Mall and we got stuff. Kristi got clothes and shoes, and a candle, Callie got pants and two candle’s, and I got some perfume I have been wanting since 1998 –Jessica McClintock the original is a perfume that somehow perfectly captures the essense of Lily of the Valley I almost bought it from a department store..but Kristi had the idea that it would be cheaper at the Parfumania…so she and Callie went to do some recon. Sure enough..cheaper by like 20 bucks! Rock on. I bought the big bottle then. I also got some Clinique soap (I really like Clinique), a candle, hair sticks (three pairs! they are soo pretty), a wafflely like sweater, stickers, note pad and another one of those really good Aunt Annies pretzels. Damn are those good. Then we went back to Callie’s had some Chili, made some cookies and decorated them and then I head home. Got home, read, and went to bed.

Sunday Tim bought a Gameboy Advance, we had meal of the day at Noodles and Company and then went grocery shopping. Came home, played respective video games, then I watched Discovery for a while and read. It was a nice day. 8) OH, and I got a letter from Sarah this weekend! It is really one of her best yet. I am excited to write back–I even brought it to work with me to start.

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