I have to start posting more of the little things, if only so I can write down what happened in the girls calender when I let weeks lapse. I thought I would be able to check my journals and fill it in this last time, but there are too many gaps.

Wednesday (14th) – Toy swap and treats at Burke Park with the Mom’s club. I got a baby’s lullaby music type thing for Morella which she has been loving and using every night. I love how it turns off after 5, 10 or 15 minutes, though I wish it had more of a selection of music than just two songs over and over. Athena got a stand up spinning activity table type thing that both girls are loving. It was a successful swap. I had gotten two more toys the girls don’t care about that I might just pass on to someone else. We stopped at Hy-Vee on the way home for Morella’s milk and some misc food items.

Thursday (15th) – Migraine day. Still I got the girls dressed and picked up Lowen to do our weekly Thursday garage sales. We hit a bunch and then had lunch at Cool Bean’s. I got home by 3:00 and tried to put everyone down for a nap. Nothing doing. I was feeling sick and nauseous and then remembered back to when I used to baby sit two girls. One of the time’s they wanted to watch a movie and I asked them how often they got to watch movies. They said not very often, except when “Mommy had a migraine, then they got to watch movies all day if they were quiet.” BINGO! We watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it was heavenly, I was finally able to kick the headache, though I was pretty tired after that. Even so, I manage to take the dog and the girls for a walk after giving them a dinner of PB and J — I don’t remember what Athena had — she hasn’t been eating that much of anything lately anyway. After much settling down, I finally got the girls in bed (Tim was out playing his weekly Thursday night game) I watched Girl With A Dragon Tattoo. Not what I expected at all – but it was pretty good.

Friday (16th) – we had Anna with Caleb and Auggie, and Tracy and Aubrey come over for a play date with water in the backyard. Morella was the only one really interested in getting wet and throwing water on other kids. Just wait, Morella — in another year or two Athena will happily be your playmate for almost whatever you want to do. In the morning I left the girls with the babysitter and her BFF to go to Maxwell Street days. I got some necklaces and a few gifts for future needs. I stopped at a garage sale on the way back and scored some my little ponies (Morella’s new favorite) and a bunch of “princess dresses.”

Saturday (17th) – we ran errands. Falkor ate Tim’s Keen’s and so he needed to get a new pair. We went downtown (to get some card protectors and a book from a gaming store) and took the girls to Maxwell street to get some food before heading over to Gander Mountain. By the time we got there Morella fell asleep so I stayed in the car with her and Athena playing in the front on my lap while Tim ran in and got some new Keen’s. Then we went to Ace to get hedge trimmer and some 90% off plants that I intend on planting before they die. Afterward we stopped at home for a break before heading over to Ann’s place (with Noah and husband Peter) for a BBQ. We ate out on their deck and it was a glorious Saturday evening meal with the kids playing. It ended with a dance party before went home to put the hot kids to bed. Tim and I watched Fringe.

I had woken up at one point in the night with someone on my chest. I was holding them and gave them a snuggle before realizing that the bony girl it wasn’t Athena and… what the hell was someone doing on my chest? I asked her what she was doing and she mumbled “Dadastorm”. I woke up Tim and he made some room in the bed for her. I put Athena back in the crib for a few hours, but she later ended up back in the bed with us. I laid at the opposite end of the bed to make room. It was very cozy and I had a terrible night’s sleep. Before Morella crawled into bed with (I hate not knowing when she does that), Athena was flopping around and was restless. I dosed her with tylenol before she finally settled down. These teeth of her cannot come in fast enough! Tim and I watched Fringe.

Sunday (18th) - We slept in, sort of. After the girls woke up, I changed Athena, turned on the TV for Morella and snuck back into bed for more sleep. Later we went to the Dane County Fair to look at the animals, exhibits, eat a funnel cake and some cheese curds and let Morella ride the carousal. It was so fast that she was hanging on for dear life and had enough by the end. We came home, ate lunch and everyone took a massive three hour nap. I got everyone up at 5:30, baked a cake and headed outside so the girls could play in mud and water while I mowed the lawn and did some weeding. After that it was getting late and the girls needed dinner. We had crockpot au jus sandwiches and cake. I gave the girls a quick bath before that to get the mud and bug spray off. They stayed home with me to watch a “Mommy movie” (At first I started James the Giant Peach — too scary, and then switched to the Swan Princess — too boring). The girls were in bed by 9 and we watched two more episodes of Fringe.


–Morella loves ice cream and butterscotch pudding
–Tim got stung by a bee on his ride home Thursday
–I got a terrible skeeter bite that almost got infected — hydrocortisone is the only thing that is bringing it down
–We got a hedge trimmer and it was worth every penny

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  1. Anna

    What would you think of putting little stickers on some stuff that will be sold at your garage sale and then advertising that Saturday is half off anything with certain sticker(s)? (let mom sellers decide which of their stuff gets stickers) Like they do it at Half Pint. Let me know and I’ll start putting little star stickers on my stuff.

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