Grinding dishwasher

The dishwasher is making a grinding noise. I have stopped the cycle no less than four times over the past couple of days and found: the blender washer, a stem, olive pit and some paper, but it continues to make a grinding noise and it’s driving me mad. I guess I’ll take the bottom spinning thing off tomorrow and clean it with a brush. But I have run my fingers over it several times and haven’t really found more. This sucks!

Today we went to the red park this morning. A bunch of people showed up and we had a pleasant time. We stayed for a couple of hours, several potty breaks because Morella drank three cups of liquid, and sharing of her toys. Neeners continues to be super needy. She wants to be carried but not touched. She is constantly shoving her hand into her mouth and whining. This afternoon nap was succeeded only because she nursed for over an hour…constant nursing and dozing. I guess it makes sense since she isn’t eating anything. When you offer food to her she’ll have a bit or two but mostly she just starts to throw it on the floor and scream. I remember that at 11 months Morella went through something similar. I had taken her to the doctor several times because she suddenly quit drinking bottles and was down to 4-6 ounces a day for almost two weeks. Then of course she got that terrible ear infection. She never did go back to the bottle, and in that instance I found the silver lining in that we didn’t need to wean her. I gave her some motrin knockoff before bed and thankfully she hasn’t woken up.

We watched the last Fringe tonight and I can’t say that I am happy with the ending. Why am I being bothered by show endings and plot twists? I am still, on some level, upset with how Dexter ended last season. Am I becoming one of those people that get involved in their “shows?” I don’t know.

After nap, which ended at 5:30 (too late!) I made a lot of noise to wake up Morella while making dinner. Neeners was happy to sit on the floor and play with some magnets and later Morella while I got dinner ready. It lasted about a 1/2 an hour before Tim got home and was able to take carry her. After dinner we took Falkor for his evening walk. No one cried during that, but again it was because Morella was in a good mood and kept Neeners entertained. Hurray for big sisters!

Morella called Tim today on the phone and talked for about 5 minutes really well, while my friend Sigrid was over visiting. She just got laid off and is feeling really betrayed about it. I would be too. I wish there was more I could to help. Eventually I had end the visit because Neeners and Morella were becoming unbearable and desperately needed that nap.

The house continues to be in disarray. Every day it’s two steps forward, one step stagnant. :P I did take a shower tonight and used an aromatherapy steamer I got from Maxwell street days. It was nice because I could actually smell it. I wish my sense of smell wasn’t so bad. Alright, so far no plans for tomorrow other than to try and fix the stupid dishwasher. I have a bunch of plants sitting in plastic bags by the front door that I got 90% off at Ace on Saturday. I should water them or something, or at the very least put them outside so that rain can do it’s work. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

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