Yesterday was a long day. Gosh what did I even do yesterday other than pass out on the couch after I put Neeners down at 8:00, and then climb into bed at 10 when I woke up? Oh I remember now. I met up with a neighborhood Mom at Daisy Cupcakery and her daughter. We went to a nearby park afterward where my legs were nearly devoured by mosquitoes. Note to self – black leggings in the summer without serious deet protection are a horrible idea! Before that the girls managed to get me outside where I decided to plant all of the plastic bag plants (and got eaten alive). It looks good. Morella has something new to water in the garden.

Today we all got up at around 8:00. I felt well and full of that restless energy that comes with getting enough sleep. We went to the Monona park for playgroup and had a wonderfully relaxed morning playing in the sand (obsessively sift sand to clean the sandbox), on the swings and chatting. Neeners fell asleep in my arms and after holding her for about 20 minutes I put her in the car and decided to go home. I was able to transfer her to the crib where she slept for about a 1/2 an hour while Morella and I watched a little TV and vegged. Then Athena woke up, I made a lunch Morella didn’t want (I told her if she didn’t want lunch she could go to bed, which she did). Athena actually ate and then we spent the next couple of hours nursing, cleaning the living room and playing. Eventually she went to sleep and I read a book – Not Becoming my Mother by Ruth Reichl and wrote down my thoughts regarding the book and my Mom and looking at the internet a little before Athena needed a settle down. When it was all said and done Morella slept about 4 hours! Great … except she is STILL up and having a hard time going to sleep despite going to bed almost two hours ago.

The salad and corn on the cob for dinner didn’t get me far, so I had a piece of cake, some raisinettes, cherries and peas in a pod while trying to watch the french movie Priceless. Eventually I gave up because I am tired and didn’t want to read anymore and wanted to do a quick write down.

Oh I fixed my tomato plants — I put those round circle support things around them and a couple fell off. I picked them off the ground and told Morella to take them to the front steps to bring in. Morella then took it upon herself to start picking other green tomatoes and had amassed quite a few before I caught her. I told her to put them in the windowsill in the office where we get the most sunlight. I hope they turn red. I am sure my little reporter will keep me informed.

Then we walked the dog and I vacuumed. I am amazed at how much dog hair there is around here now. Pluto never shed that much and I guess I got a little spoiled because of it. While I was vacuuming a motorcycle pulled into our driveway and it turned out to be Laima delivering bumbleberry jam. :D Morella showed her a few of her princess dresses and chatted a bit before Laima had to leave. She said she wanted to get home before it got dark. We told Morella when she left that she could get a motorcycle if she wanted but we would mightily prefer that she didn’t because they are too dangerous. Morella then said “When I get big” to which Tim replied “I’m big and Mommy still won’t let me have one.”

This past week she’s struck upon the concept of big and little. She is often telling me that she is too little to do something (said in a very small pathetic voice) like turn on her light or open a door. Things that she is fully capable of at other times. I’ll admit it’s pretty darn cute and I have to bite my cheek to stop from smiling.

Morella just not said she needed a drink of water. Sigh. She has needed to be tucked in at least five times, have a pair of socks put on, and lord knows what else. Tim has been answering her ridiculous requests and just now told her it was the last last time and if there is one more time then she gets a time out (the door gets shut). Why is she up?! Is a four hour nap really that powerful?

Ugh. I am tired. I gotta go to bed. Especially if there are thunderstorms tonight then it means I might have a boney little girl climbing into bed with me sometime in the morning.

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