For some reason Morella refers to thunderstorms as Dadastorms. I think she thinks she’s being funny…but yet it sticks. It has thunderstormed all day, which put a kabash on our weekly garage sales with Lowen. However, it was useful in that we used today to go to Costco to get pricing and look at party trays for Neeners party. I got a bunch of meatballs and ravoli, booze and pickles, juice boxes and candy for the party but I wasn’t impressed with the party trays and the cakes were straight out of I guess I have high standards…high enough to use HyVee. Now people need to start telling me that they are going to come versus telling me why they can’t make it.

On the way home we stopped at a park in Middleton — a cozy little “neighborhood park” that was empty. It was super awesome though and something like that over on the East side of Madison would be packed daily. As it was, we were the only people there. Sure the equipment was wet, but it wasn’t raining and things had sort of dried out, and as long as you brought a towel you could play. Neeners and Morella made the most of it and ran (and crawled) around while Lowen and I ate a costco picnic lunch. The only drawback to the place was that there was no bathroom. I guess that is what they mean by “neighborhood.” Go home and use your own bathrooms.

After we dropped Lowen off (there were no sales to be seen, except one, that is really just a craft sale disguised as a garage sale) I came home and let Morella watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs again. There are slim pickings for kids on instant netflix. While the movie is on Athena and I play on the couch and I occasionally let her nurse. She loves nursing on the go…so to speak and I still think it’s funny so it’s a win win all around. Almost toddler nursing is a hoot!

Tim got delayed in coming home because of another broken spoke on his bike and had to get it fixed. Meanwhile I made a dinner of ramen, easy mac and pulled pork with steamed green beans for dinner. I made a variety for the kids because I am sick of them not eating. I don’t do it all the time, and I was motivated to do so (while holding Neeners) because I managed to clean the kitchen this morning It’s so nice to be in a clean kitchen while cooking — I want to be there. Tim came home for a few seconds and changed Morella’s sheets to her new pink ones. I was told they were twin, but they are clearly full, but they can be tucked in. She is in love with the color pink. Sigh. Whose kid is this again?

Dadastorms continued to rage and tornado sirens wailed on and off. Neeners was tired so I put her down around 7:00. She sure was tired considering she went to sleep with Morella poking and prodding her, petting her head and giving her kisses. She wouldn’t go to bed because of the storms. After Athena was down, we went into the living room and read books. We were reading this one A to Z Winnie the Pooh book and when we got to “I” (for ice skates) she pointed to Pooh and asked what that was. I explained that Pooh had a pillow tied to his butt in case he fell. I then stuffed a small pillow into her pajama bottoms and pushed her down on the couch. She thought it was hilarious and continued to fall on her butt for 15 minutes. Then we made a fort with a blanket and then Athena started crying. She has gotten into the habit of pooping after she goes to bed. :P I went in and changed her diaper, and nursed her down again — all with Morella’s help. Eventually I told Morella to go to bed. She left willingly (a sure sign she was tired) and because the Dadastorm had died down for the moment. A few minutes later I went in and tucked her in, put on her music player and she was out.

I put away all the costco stuff and then cleaned our my google reader to zero. Hurray! I even caught up on LJ. I filled the dishwasher and started it and voila! No more grinding. I looked at it yesterday morning and discovered a cherry pit. Gah, I need to rinse those dishes instead of just scraping. Clearly I suck at the scraping method.

I was going to take a shower tonight but I don’t want to go in and risk waking up the Neens by getting my jammies and clean underwear. I guess I’ll find a way to do it..oh wait, I have babysitter Stephanie tomorrow! I can totally take a shower then. Yeah, that is what I’ll do. I have her take them for a walk even so that I can do it in peace and quiet. Last week Athena cried almost the entire time she was with Stephanie. Oh Neeners…

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  1. Anna

    Wow, thanks for recommending that church garage sale. I got a few awesome kitchen things I had been looking for, for a grand total of $2!!

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