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Today I drove all the way to Franklin outside of Milwaukee to attend a bridal shower for Kelly, our soon to be new sister in law come September. I brought the girls with me and Tim stayed home to do yard work and putter. I am extremely proud of myself for doing this drive, complete with traffic and two little girls by myself. I couldn’t have done it without the GPS. Rather, I probably could have done it, just not without as much confidence. Anyway, Morella had a blast playing with her cousin Moslee and Neeners eventually warmed up enough to not cry whenever anyone looked at her. I found out that the wedding is “vintage inspired attire.” Apparently it was in small print on the invitation — boo to me for not looking at it closely enough. Since Tim is in the wedding he has a tux, I already have a dress for Morella and does it really matter what Neeners wears? I mean she’ll still be crawling so dresses are sort of out. That leaves me. A part of me is excited about the possibility of wearing a vintage costume. I looked up the definition of vintage and it would seem anything from 1920 – 1960 is considered vintage, after that it’s “retro.” I know that a hat of some sort should come into play, but I feel like I need help figuring out some kind of vintage outfit. It’s been so long since I have taken an interest and had an occasion to put together an outfit of some sort. I used to do a ton of that back in my goth days.

We got back and Tim made dinner of venison chops, savory rice and broccoli. It was great to have dinner prepared for the girls because I had my monthly book club meeting. Five of us total showed up and it was a great evening of visiting and chatting — even some of the book, which I’ll admit I didn’t read. The book was Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. I confess to a little bit of judging a book by it’s cover in this case and didn’t get around to reading it. Shame on me.

As I was leaving my phone rang. I answered it and it was my Mom. She told me that she fell last week and went to the doctor with pain a day or two later. The ER doctor said she had rib contusions, another kidney infection and a large mass in her lungs. He told her to wait two months and have another x-ray to see if the mass got any bigger. Hogwash, I tell you. What utter crap of advice. She had a plethora of exams not even a year ago, and at the at the time no mass had shown up. Suddenly there is now a “large mass” and he wants to her wait two months? Not to mention that the medicine he gave her would probably kill her because of her liver problems and diabetes. She is seeing her regular doctor tomorrow. I told her to urge for a biopsy or something. She’ll call me and let me know how it went. It’s no secret that there is a host of medical problems with my Mom and that she continues to smoke when she can afford it. It feels like every day has been sort of borrowed time, and yet knowing that, hearing this kind of news doesn’t make it any easier to digest. I guess I don’t know what to think. Wait and see.

Meanwhile, yesterday my friend Lowen and I went to the St. Dennis festival for the garage sale and got some awesome stuff for only $11 bucks, including Neener’s birthday presents and things for some friends and my Mom. I was going to save some of the stuff for my Mom for Christmas since I have a box for her, but now I think I should just sent all the stuff I have accumulated to cheer her up. And you know, who knows how much time we really have. After that I took Neeners and went to pick up vegetables and drop off a box for a friend who couldn’t pick hers up. Morella stayed home to nap because she had me, and Athena up for a couple hours over night thanks to more thunderstorms.

That evening we all went to St. Dennis to eat dinner, listen to music, meet up with some other neighborhood friends and play carnival games before coming home to bed. After the kids were asleep, Tim and I indulged in a late night of talking about the state of stuff. Nothing was really resolved, no big decisions of life altering stuff, but you know it’s important to just talk and get these things out.

I bought a new dress today and a pretty blouse, along with a belt to go with the dress since I didn’t like the belt that came with it. I don’t have many dresses at all, so it’s nice to have one that I could wear and nurse in. (I tried to find it on their website but couldn’t, sorry). I like it, and it’s not black. Oh speaking of which Morella’s Aunt Sarah asked Morella what my favorite color was and she said “black.” Ha ha, that girl of mine. I love her, she’s so observant these days.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Oh, and the car is making a funny rattling noise, so I guess I’ll be taking it in to have a look at. I can’t stand the car not being 100% perfect.

4 thoughts on “Bridal Shower, book club, mass

  1. hadjare Post author

    She is except she isn’t. The dress is a little too big for now — but it’s something that will be great for dress up over the winter or next year. BTW, I love the bubbles in the set. What a great idea. Tim tried it and was like “How is this soothing to the kids?” and I said “Dude, it’s not, it’s for the blower.”

    I loved getting the box, it was so much fun to open it and look through the packages. Morella had a blast opening them and Athena had fun playing with the paper. Don’t be surprised if you see the box and paper again in the near future. Talk about recycling. ;)

  2. Jessie

    Right on. I love recycling. I can’t even remember what all was in the box it has been in the making for a while, but please use the coupon card. if nothing else, for Morella’s milk. If you figure out how the hotel part works let me know. I was hoping to use the last one for mom and dad’s trip to Wyoming this year and maybe getting mom a deal on hotels while dad is in Rochester. So technical.

  3. sehba hussain

    sorry to read about your mother hadjare.. another similarity between you and me… my mother also is terribly sick, suffers from Motor Neuron Disorder (pseudo bulbur palsey) totally disabled. ..doctors have given the deadline of 7 months for her life.. come on give your mom whatever you have collected uptill now for her. My best wishes for her long life. ..

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