The good news, and it’s nice to hear it, is that the mass is really only the size of a quarter and the Dr. referred to it as a nodule that has always been there. Dr also said that Mom’s thyroid was not out of whack and that the ER doctor must have confused patients. Tim had mentioned to me last night that July is the worst time to go to the ER. I totally believe it. So whew! My Mom is okay as she could be. Well, I still harbor that hope that she’ll turn her whole physical life around, lose weight, get rid of the diabetes, quit smoking, exercise, organize better, etc. But I’ll take it.

Morella is going to be in her uncle’s wedding, along with her cousin Moslee and Zeland. I told Tim “For once I’ll be enchanted with little kids walking down the aisle.” Ha, I guess the trick is to have one of those kids be your own. The only part I am not sure on is the dress. Sarah mentioned that Target had some kind of dress the girls could wear to be matching. Fine, except, I had bought Morella a dress a couple months ago for the wedding. She fond it a month or two ago and has been very excited to wear it for the wedding. It’s been sort of the ultimate princess dress. I hate to disappoint her by not letting her wear it, because I am almost 100% positive that the Target dress won’t be as fancy. I guess she could wear it at the rehearsal dinner, or change into it after the ceremony. Hm.

Today we went to the Red Park for playgroup. It was a great two hours relaxing and visiting and letting the kids play. We came home and the girls both took a nap letting me write in my personal journal. My Mom hadn’t called me by then, so I took a risk and called her to get details on the doctor appointment. Within a minute of me talking, Athena was up and crying. See?! There is a reason I don’t make phone calls during nap time. My voice is very powerful to Neeners. We ended up hanging out for a couple hours until Morella woke up, with a little help from Neeners. After naptime, we all headed to Hyvee to get Morella’s milk, some bread, have a snack and get information on party trays and cakes. I am going to order the cake at Hyvee and then bring to my friend Hilary’s to decorate. It’s going to be awesome!

What else, I fixed the armoire, I made Neeners 1 year doctor appointment at the new place, I made dinner (huluski – cabbage, egg noodles, onion and butter), cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, watched Burn After Reading (meh), caught up on the girls calender, made accommodation plans for the wedding, took a shower (with a crying Neeners at the side of the tub while Morella watched a little TV), and looked at the internet a bit. Overall, I guess I could have done more, but at the same time I didn’t really feel like it. I was just thinking tonight that I should finish that afghan so I get it out of my living room, and start working on the girl’s christmas stockings since they are these over the top felt type thing kits…heirlooms people. I am working on memories that will last a lifetime. ;)

Well, I am going to do 10 Things before bed. One of them is start the dishwasher, another is to shred some junk mail.

2 thoughts on “Nodules

  1. childlight

    When I got married I bought 2 matching white easter dresses (in April for a December wedding) and matching white sweaters. Then at the last minute I added a third flower girl. Luckily I was able to borrow another fancier white dress for Paige and made her the head flower girl so that she should have a different dress. And after the wedding she changed into the red dress she had wanted to wear and wore it for the reception.

  2. Abigail

    I’m glad to hear your Mom’s good news!
    I can’t wait to hear what vintage-inspired wedding clothes you come up with for the wedding!
    I also was meh about Burn After Reading–I think everybody was :)

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