Included are a variety of Morella’s dresses..the dog (as well as I could get)…and it’s been a bad month for photos I guess.

Falkor liking his lips.

Leo and Morella playing in Morella’s room with the door open. ;)

Morella at Christian and Cecci’s 10th Anniversary party. We all wore red. It was cute.

They look so alike it’s like looking in a mirror. Scary!

Neeners, while she was working on her first tooth since the one she was born with, was prone to falling asleep sitting up. Here she feel asleep with the baby sitter.

Morella put her own ultimate princess outfit together for the evening walk.

Morella and Moslee at the bridal shower this past weekend.

Afternoon dinner making time TV typical sight.

A slightly better picture of the dog. I can’t tell you how many blurry ones I had.

Morella and Neener’s birthday invitation when they arrived taken via my phone.

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