Last night I cleaned the kitchen, made softshell tacos for dinner, Tim did laundry, beaded and watched Joe Millionaire. I love how they translated her bad french at the end, funny funny stuff. She must feel like such a dumbass. At least she has her boyfriend to go back too, right? I also really really like the butler.

We were a little late rushing out this morning because Tim has a trip to Ottawa today. I told him not to talk to any pretty Inuit Canooks and to not bring them home or replace me. Although he said he would get me something from the gift shop at the museum (inuit indian museum or something). I don’t have anything Inuit. Every I do have is all woodland or plains indian orientated. Hmm I might have something more to say a little later. I get a little lonely at night when Tim is gone on trips so I might come back later. I hope I get a letter in the mail today.

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