Last night the girls went down to bed pretty early — about 7. My neighbors were awesome and offered to walk Falkor when they took their dog for a walk. I was pretty happy about that because he needs that daily walk but I just didn’t have the energy to walk him, and the girls at the same time. That means I had lots of time to myself. What did I do with it? I downloaded a game sparkle on my ipad, and watched Bethenny Getting Married? and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (man xander was such a bitter teenager..why didn’t I notice that before) while crocheting and playing games. It was pretty reminiscent of prebaby days where I would spend many days like this. It’s nice to not feel like every free moment of mine has to feel meaningful (though I did feel a pang of guilt here and there…but crocheting is work! and I am tired of having that unfinished blanket and tangled yard in my living room.

I got a trampoline yesterday for only $4 — among other treasures (party supplies, 2 skirts, gifts, fun shoes, seasonal decorations – fun now that we have kids, etc). It was a sweet day. Picnic with our friend Lowen in a beautiful park next to a fountain, great garage sale weather, lots of playing at home but no naps. :(

It’s gloomy this morning — hm 30% chance of rain.

I need a baby sitter for tomorrow. I asked my neighbor and she had plans and I am waiting to hear back from Stephanie the baby sitter. If I had been thinking about Sunday rather than Neener’s party next week then I might have planned a bit better. Sigh. We haven’t missed going out for any anniversary dinners in .. well 11 years. ;) Just gotta make 12.

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