Weather and the 12th Anniversary

I have been anxiously awaiting early forecast for this weekend’s weather report and it’s looking clear! Awesome! That means I can decorate for Athena’s party the night before. Busy week … gotta order the cake, the food, decorate, clean the house, whip the backyard into shape, put together goodie bags, wrap Athena’s presents…oh it will be a fun weekend. We have most of the RSVP’s in so I should be able to accurately figure how much of what to put together.

Last night was fun. We went out with Lowen and her husband Jason to celebrate our 12th anniversary and her birthday. She was at our wedding 12 long years … no short … years ago. We went to Smokey’s — an outrageously expensive steak house. Seriously, our steaks were good, but not worth that exorbitant price. Afterward, we went to the Malt House with has an amazing selection of beers. We had our drinks outside and watched the sun set. We were back at 9:00 to relieve the babysitters (usual babysitter and her BFF). We left them with money to order a pizza and wished them luck. The interesting thing about teenagers is their capacity to endure crying. Ha ha. No seriously, apparently they weren’t bad, but they did use the tricks that I had left. Namely The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It’s the only movie I have ever caught Morella laughing at and telling us about how funny it was. She was laughing at Piglet being turned into a kite, and of course, who can get enough of Tigger? Oh such sweet innocent fun.

Today I got to sleep in while Tim handled the kids. I put in ear plugs and left the blinds down in order to get the extra hours in. It was heaven. I then got up, took the girls to the grocery store with me to get ice cream and some ingredients for the Better Than Sex cake I was going to make for the Greyhound Annual Picnic. I was sorry I forgot my camera, but you know it was a bunch of dogs, a few kids, food and beer (it was at the Capital Brewery place in Middleton). The girls had a blast and got super dirty crawling around in the mulch/dirt area. The nice thing now about having two kids is that Morella often plays with Athena and doesn’t need as much adult or other kid interaction. I can just imagine how awesome it will be next year.

Just thing, last year at this time it was due date time for Athena. I was massively pregnant and worried about another induction and never being able to do the whole “Wake up darling, my water broke.” Of course, I did get to do that, but I also still got the induction. :P Now Neeners pushes her walker around the living room like a pro and walks back and forth and in little circles. She is so proud of being able to walk “unassisted”. She is even now able to stand up unassisted, but still has yet to take a step. The day that Morella learned how to stand unassisted was also the day she took her first steps and a few weeks later had transformed into a toddler. Athena is having a mental developmental explosion – she’ll wash her hands when you ask her, hug, look for people, wave bye bye, sign all done and more, and can say kitty, puppy and of course, her first words – stop that. She hates diaper changes and I have to start changing her diaper on the bed because she’s such a greased pig. It’s nuts…it’s been like that for months. I sort of hoped she would grow out of it. Maybe she’ll learn to potty train early since she is so close in age to Morella — by this time next year I could be diaper free!

Happy Anniversary darling! It’s been a wonderful journey through life with you for the past twelve years — from that teeny crappy, squirrel infested attic apartment, to my broken back, to moving to Chicago and our DINK lives there, to moving back to Madison and buying a house, to enduring infertility and treatments, to pregnancy with Morella and our first difficult year with her and her silent aspiration and mastoiditis, to the surprise pregnancy of Athena and our first year with two little kids, to having our first dog Pluto, Maine, Baton Rouge, San Juan Islands, Seattle, Scotland, London, trials and tribulations of each of our families, the beretta, the saturn, the scion, camping, job changes….etc. It sure the heck hasn’t been boring and this journey wouldn’t have been as great without my best and most trusted friend.

2 thoughts on “Weather and the 12th Anniversary

  1. sehba hussain

    Dear Hadjare.. I am a continous reader of your blog.. but its first time i am commenting. know why i am so interesting in your writing?? I am also a mother of 2 kids under 6. 5 yrs old girl and 1.5 yrs old boy. u r a great writer. I love the way u express your thoughts, events, past, future.. etc. one more thing.. I really love Athena and saved all her pics on my system. she is stinking cute .. my baby..! mwwaaah.! but now both Morella and Athena look skinnier.. what happend? any ways.. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby .. and my love to girls. love u.
    Sehba.. India.

  2. Jessie

    A beretta? I would ahve NEVER pictured either of you owning a beretta. I missed the beretta years…having a husband that is a mechanic–was it horrible? I see a lot of those in and out of my yard.

    As soon as it fits, I really want to see Morella in her flapper dress. That was my absolute faveorite 1-hour creation. She’s gonna be ADORABLE!!!

    Happy anniversary you 2 crazy kids! And happy birthday little angel bug! *cheek squeeze* You’re gonna have so much FUN!!!

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