Party excitement

Morella gets Athena’s birthday loot (collected from garage sales — not opened) and practices with a little birthday party. She is using her new nightstand that we finally had a chance to paint “proud pink.”

This afternoon during Morella’s nap time, Athena helped me sort candy and watch an episode of Hoarders. She hasn’t been sleeping much lately and today was a snotty drooly mess. She did eventually fall asleep nursing …

And instead of fighting to put her down (which I did for about 10 minutes before she woke up and needed resettling) I just held her and watched an episode of Dr. Who and looked at my Ipad periodically, and crocheted. It was a rather nice time to be honest. There aren’t going to be many more opportunities like this with my baby, who will soon be one in a few days, and who took a tentative first step this evening. She is tottering on the edge of toddlerhood.

The girls eventually both woke up and we decided to play with the facepainting kit I got from Amazon for the party. The paint is great quality, it dries without feeling weird, and it washes off so easily. I forsee lots of fun with this little kit in the upcoming weeks.

A couple weeks ago, we went out to run some errands and ended up at Cool Beans to drop off some paperwork from my short lived stint as Treasurer of the East side Mom’s club. I stayed for an iced tea and a snack to ward off impulse purchases at Hy-Vee and let the girls play for a little bit.

Then, another time at Hyvee (yes apparently we practically live there)….

Morella enjoys her “mac n cheese” roll (it was called Mac n Cheese because of the color of the wrap). I remember I sent Tim these two pictures of the girls as sort of a “glimpse into our day” sort of thing. I do that once in awhile. I imagine it’s a nice break in the work day.

Lastly, we were at my friend Hilary’s last week and Athena climbed the little piano. She loved playing with it. She loves music. :D

Sorry for the quality of pictures — my camera’s batteries are out of commission right now (being recharged) and often time the phone is the only camera I have on me at a moment’s notice. I’d rather have poorer quality images to capture daily life shots than nothing at all.

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