Yesterday was anxious. There is this stupid situation going on in one of the building…no both of the buildings..but, it is causing me undo concern. What happened in there are like 150 people working on two floors in various labs. You cannot eat in the lab, and there isn’t enough common space for the folks to go too. So what has happened over the past years is people started constructing little “coffee bars” outside in the hallway. Complete with tables, chairs, benches, coffee makers, espresso machines, fish tanks, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Most of the appliance are plugged into an extension cord and run UNDER the door into a lab. Does anyone want to tell me why the fire marshal thinks this is a problem? So, the fire marshal has asked them before to please clean up their space, and not be so over the frigging top. They ignored it…three times, until the fire chief says “Fuck it, clear it all!” (Expletive may or may not have been used).

Now is my problem to get those hallways clear in the face absolute opposition from everyone there. In other words…they do not find this “suggestion” agreeable. Um…is not your choice to find it agreeable or not folks. If there is a fire, then you are all going to burn.

But, that isn’t how it works. So today, I wrote a list of recommendations for a ‘good faith’ effort….and made sure to not that I do not guarantee anything…aka it is not my fault if you don’t clear the hallways and are fined. It is a terrible compromise for me…but maybe it will clean it up and look more presentable and discreet until the new building opens up to offer some relief. This is why I am getting that whole extra dollar an hour while my supervisor is on maternity leave. This is the “great responsibility.” Uff. I take responsibility for everyone else in this office and answering questions, but I hate politics. Hate it.

Tim comes back today! Yah!!! Last night he told me that he was now having a good trip because the people at the Ottawa Indian Museum were so nice. They gave him neat hand crafted souvenirs for his company, and a beaded pouch type thing that hold the umbilical cord. (No, a U cord does not come with it, thankfully). I am excited to see that, and more importantly excited to see my darling.

Last night I started on the tea cozy I am knitting Eric and Kate (because I was re taught how to cast off yesterday) while watching Beyond Belief and Angel. The zombies were cool, although I am little sorry that Galen died. 8( Then I moved on to work on beadwork for the moccasin’s I am making for the Geisler’s son. Then I finished a letter, wrote an email to my dad, listened to some Ho-Chunk, read a great email from Melissa, and packed it up and went to bed by 11.00. Good for me.

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