Happy Birthday Athena!

Happy Birthday Athena! On your first birthday, it was a beautiful August day. We had a big party outside with food mostly catered from Hyvee, a cake decorated by our dear friend Hilary, decorations and set up done by friends Lowen, Erica and babysitter Stephanie, and 60 guests bearing good wishes. It was a beautiful day and we so happy and blessed to have so many awesome friends. Thank you to everyone who made Athena’s first birthday so special, including those who couldn’t be there but sent their well wishes.

Athena and her birth month buddy Daphne.

Party favors – included a make your own foam frame, candy, pirate eye patch, stickers and fruit snacks.

As wide as a shot I could get of general party mingling.

Tim, me and Athena with the cake right before we sang her song and cut it. Morella was running around like a savage and we didn’t get her in the shot.

Close up of the cake — done in the style of Jack’s Big Music Show.

Athena with her birthday cake. She ate the whole piece!

Cousins – Morella and Moslee. BFF’s forever.

And before I forget — one day before her 1st birthday (aka yesterday), Athena made her Daddy proud (he predicted she would walk before her 1st birthday) and took her first steps. She repeated it several times today – once with a big audience. I think in two weeks time I’ll have a full blown toddler on my hands. 12 months — I have a walker.

Good bye baby Neeners. I loved holding you from the first day and watching you grow from a teeny little newborn, to a chubby little baby, back to a slim, go-getting, independent, stubborn, funny, Momma’s girl.

Lastly, in 15 minutes (it is 10:32 as I write this), I will have been breastfeeding Athena for 12 months straight. I only got to nurse Morella for a frustrating, hellish 6 weeks before she had to have thickened bottles, but I pumped and pumped for 12 months. I can say without a doubt that exclusive nursing is so much easier than being attached to a pump for 2 hours a day. That makes two solid years of nourishing my children. I am so glad I was able to nurse this time around. The bond, the closeness, the extra sleep, the freedom is just glorious, eco friendly, frugal and … well… special.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Athena!

  1. Sarah

    Ah, gee. It looks like such a fun, colorful time was had. I’m disappointed we missed seeing so many folks, and that we missed a Hilary cake! The favor bags look great – you must have spent so much time on them. I am awed that there were 60 people, and also a bit relieved — I was hoping our absence wouldn’t leave a gap in the day’s attendance.

    I’m so glad you’ve had a positive, cozy nursing experience this time around. I admire how you managed to give Morella that same nourishment, but I know it was hard, time consuming work to do all that pumping, without the reward of the warm, dozy closeness.

    Congratulations, Athena! Hope to see you toddling around in a couple of weeks.

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