Morella’s 1st Movie

Today was kind of weird. Morella woke us up at 6:22. After she walked in I heard why, a thunderstorm miles off was brewing. I swear this kid has a sixth sense for them. She has been going to sleep like crap the last couple of days. Friday night she didn’t go bed until 11 and tonight she was still awake as of 15 minutes ago. After the napless day she had yesterday I wasn’t surprised that she was tired and cranky all day. Perfect for going to her first movie, right? I did think that she might last until after the early matinee, but I was wrong.

I told her she was going to spend some special time with Mommy and Noah, and his parents and go to a movie. She was excited and thrilled. I think part of it was maybe the idea of spending time with just me. I think I might have to work in some special Mommy/Morella time in the next few weeks. It’s been hard because I used to do it while Athena would nap, but lately she’s down to one nap a day and not at the same time Morella is sleeping. So instead of any one on one with Morella, it’s been mostly one on one with Athena or both girls.

We went to the movie and she fell asleep on the way there. The smart person would have just kept on going, but she woke up after we pulled it. It was pouring rain and she was excited to use her new ruffle umbrella. It was so stinking cute as she held that little umbrella and walked like an old lady to the theater. I held the crook of her arm while holding my own umbrella as we crossed the massive parking lot. We paid for our tickets and got some popcorn. I smuggled in a sippy cup with a straw filled with orange soda for the occasion, and packed some suckers for the kids. We met up with Noah, Ann and Peter and went to take our seats. Morella was rapt during all the long previews and the short that came before ToyStory 3. Another Mom sitting next to me told me that they had boosters, so I went and got one for Morella. I had brought her Piglet stuffie along with her, but couldn’t find it in my massive diaper bag. Thankfully I found it for the car ride home (was afraid I lost it). She did pretty good for about an hour, but then there she was tired…so she said she had to pee. We went to go pee and she told me she wanted to go home. The movie workers were sitting around and so I used the opportunity to get my $5 bucks back because Ann told me that 2 and under are free. Great, because I had a feeling we weren’t going to finish the movie. Back in our seats, I held Morella in my lap and snuggled in. But about 10 more minutes into the movie was another heart wrenching scene about another toy being lost and then replaced. At that point she wailed loudly “What’s happening?” and started to bawl. I quickly told her we were going home and packed up our things. I explained to her as we left that the little girl got a new toy and that is was okay because they would all be friends.

She fell asleep on the way home and went straight to bed upon arrival. Tim was sleeping on the couch and said that Neeners had just gone down 15 minutes prior. Then I found a spot on the couch and we all took a long afternoon nap.

Later, we ate a late lunch and got read to go to Mounds with the dog to buy him a gentle leader harness, some cat food, a new poop scoop and some 75% off toys or Falkor. As we were checking out Morella asked where her treat was — ahh the girl is getting candy crazy. In fact, she just wants to eat candy, donuts, cookies and cake all day long. I know I am a Mom now because I find myself saying “You can’t have candy for dinner, especially since you had soda today.” I blame it on the party.

The house is a bit trashed and I am tired. It’s going to be a long week. We are having a garage sale this week. I have several Mom’s and neighbors helping out and contributing, so I am hoping it will go smoothly. We are also going to have a little bake sale – because who can resist a bunch of little kids selling sweets? I was thinking we would use the money to fund a Mom’s night out or fall party later on. Then tomorrow night is my turn to make dinner for one of the fellow Mom’s who had twins and I don’t know what I am going to make yet. I already backed out of playgroups for this week so that I could prepare for the garage sale, baking and making the dinner. I’m sure I’ll think of something awesome tomorrow morning. Just need a good night’s sleep to help motivate me.

I realized today that Athena went from 9:45 to 5:30 or 6 without nursing. Of course, as I realized that I felt crampy, irritable, hungry….is it finally time for the communists to come back? Are they getting ready to storm the castle? Gah. I hate that time of the month and I have been hoping that I would be one of those people that got away with 18 months post partum without having one. Well, there is still hope.

I have to remember to take Athena’s 12 month photo tomorrow too. It’s been such a busy weekend that we didn’t have much of a chance to do it. Well, today wasn’t that busy but we all were recovering from the big party. Morella has three more birthday parties to attend in the span of a month — no wonder she’s going birthday crazy.

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