hot hot hot and Mouse

Normally I don’t like to complain about the heat. I like it, and for the most part, I look forward to a little heat as it’s a sure sign of sultry summer days. However, today I felt like I had enough heat, no not heat…the humidity. Today was the first day in our garage sale. We started up with a ton of stuff – most of which doesn’t even include our stuff as I got in a couple of other families and clothing from a clothing swap party we did two months ago. They all said it was supposed to be a scorcher and indeed…it was. We were okay for the morning, and with lots of help the kids were occupied and even took long naps. By the afternoon, I was just wilted. The sale went from 8-3:30 when we started to pack up, a 1/2 an hour past the 3 mark. The shade had just entered our driveway again and I was ready to put it all away and retire to the living room where it was nice and cool. I was irritable by the end because I was tired of giving directions, holding a hot baby and I realized a little later, I somehow got a little heat sickness. I think that once you get it for the summer, it just comes back no matter how easy you take it. I had gotten a bad case of it during the last heat wave when I mowed the lawn and did a ton of yard work.

I also only got 6 hours of sleep last night, no naps today and I can’t go to bed early because Morella is *still* up. She’s been terrible about going to bed at night. Lately, she’ll stay in her room and read books by her nightlight and then complain about Migo going in to lay next to her. Her favorite book right now is Cinderella’s “My Dream Wedding” — not because of Cinderella and her wedding, but because of the little dressed up mice in it. She now has an imaginary friend – her mouse. She’ll call her mouse up on the phone and tell her to come and have a tea party with her, to come over and visit, to come and eat the dinner she made for it. Interestingly enough the mouse never actually comes into the house. She’ll stand by the door and pretend she is waiting for the mouse to come in, or look out the window, or make more phone calls detailing plans. “Mouse, come over and have tea? Okay.” She will make us sit down on the couch with her and look at the pages over and over about how the mouse is wearing a pink dress with a bow and a pink bow on her tail. “Look Mommy! Look!”

We made a total of about $80 bucks today – divided up it ranges between 10-18. We also made 6 bucks in our kids bake sale. :D It’s just this heat is so oppressive. It also doesn’t help that there are heat advisory’s out telling everyone to take it easy and stay cool. Perusing clothes and used treasures in a hot driveway isn’t exactly conducive to a successful garage sale. Why couldn’t we have next week’s weather of “autumn like temperatures?” Sigh. At least we didn’t have this weather last week for Neener’s Birthday party…still. I am only a little tempted to keep the stuff in the garage for another sale, but it’s just so much to do it. Putting up signs, getting the stuff laid out and the help. I kept waiting for it to cool off today, for the big outside fan to blow all that soupiness away.

So after the day was done and I sat in our mess of a living room playing with the girls and coming to terms with being a little heat sick, I wanted out. I don’t want to do it tomorrow. I am only going to have one person all day helping and even that is partial because she has a 2 1/2 year old too. I asked my neighbor who has stuff in the sale to come by for 20 minutes to help take tables out, but she waffled because she has trouble getting going in the morning and leaves at 8:30. I could tell that she didn’t want too, but I can tell you that I didn’t want to do it all myself, even less — for one I can’t. I need another person to lift the tables with me to get them out. I guess I could get Tim to help me but then that means getting all that stuff out there by 6:30. Ugh. And it’s going to be hot and muggy again tomorrow, with a chance of rain later on. The weather says it’s supposed to be a smidgen cooler…I hope to god that it is, and that if it’s cloudy it will make things more bearable.

So here I am waiting for Morella to go to sleep, or for Tim to come home from his 1st of two nights out drinking (to help Morella if she needs it) so I can go to bed.

Dangit. My camera is in the bedroom. I just tried to sneak in there to get it but as soon as I opened the door she stirred.

Here are some vintage pictures from the past three Augusts.

Me in Maine on vacation, 7 months pregnant with Morella

Tim and I on the bow of a whale watching boat off of Maine.

My dear friend Myrna and I in front of our house.

One of my younger brother’s wedding reception at his house. From left: Josh, James, Theresa, Shane, Me, Mom and Frank

August 2008

Morella and I at Tenny Park.

Morella laughing at the leaves tickling her head.

On the picnic blanket, Tim, Morella, Leta, Cullen and Hilary

Morella and Tim at the Annual Greyhound picnic (I was sorry I forgot my camera for this year’s picnic)

August 2009

Just born Athena Madeline – 8lbs 8oz of fury.

Morella meeting Athena for the first time and being relatively unimpressed with her new baby sister.

Tim and Athena

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