Dual Naps – early even

It’s been such a busy August. First we had Athena’s birthday to plan (last Mon – Saturday), prep and party (Sat), followed by making dinner for one of the Mom’s (Mon), then holding a garage sale (Thurs – Sat), stomach bug (Sun) and a whirlwind trip to Ikea and Rainforest Cafe yesterday (Mon).

Today, as of an hour ago, both girls are asleep for early naps. There was no TV this morning and I let them just play around in the house and on me while I looked at the Ipad — of all us still in our jammies. It’s one of those quiet days at home where you recover from all the activity. Eventually I did get dressed, only as a by product of putting away laundry and after I put Athena down for her nap, Morella laid down too and both are now sleeping. I played some zombies vs plants on the ipad (a garage sale reward to myself), and then threw on my anthropologie birthday apron from Hilary and made “hearty chicken cheese soup” as per the recipe on the canned chicken package. I was going to make some kind of chicken dumpling bake, but thought I had all the ingredients for this soup. I didn’t have cheddar cheese, but I did have cheese curds. Same thing right?

Now I thought I would put in a little post before someone woke up. I sort of wish I could take a shower, but I don’t want to chance the noise waking anyone up. Sometimes it sucks having the bathroom so close to the bedrooms, though that was a blessing when I was pregnant. ;)

We are in the process of redoing the office. Getting rid of this old desk (anyone want it?), moving stuff around and organizing it. Tim wants it to be a magazine spread type office. He’s sick of the slap dash, garage sale crap we have thrown together over the years. No, I did not get offended. He’s just eager for the next step in house decorating and living. I know that the reason it is all like this is because we rarely get new and nice things because we have the old stuff that serves a purpose. At some point in time you trade in and move up. Right?

The trip to Ikea and Rainforest Cafe would have been better if Athena hadn’t been such a beast. Crying, arching back, screaming — all because she wanted to crawl around, away from us, as fast as she could. Ugh! Great, her nose must have been twitching, because she is awake now. We would like to go back to IKEA to get a entertainment center with sliding doors, but that would be so much better without the kids. They just don’t like IKEA. Also, I think I might entertaining the “can’t go out because of a mobile, stubborn baby” phase again. Just in time for winter.

Suck. It’s only 1:00 — Neener’s won’t take another nap for the rest of the day.

One thought on “Dual Naps – early even

  1. Sarah

    Man, neither of my stinkers are napping this afternoon! It’s going to be a hard evening — in part because I don’t get a nap, either.

    I look forward to seeing your new office, and what you decide in terms of decorating in general. (I’m bringing _Interior Alchemy_ to Madison this Saturday, btw, assuming neither of the kids are sick.) You deserve to have things *you’ve* liked and chosen specially, rather than things random other people liked, chose, used, then got rid of when they wanted to upgrade. It’s your turn to upgrade.

    What are Tim’s aesthetics like? If he had his druthers, would your house be slick and minimalist, or pleasantly cluttered and wizardly like those rooms in _Interior Alchemy_, or warm rustic Pottery Barn, or what?

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