Office Renewal

I should have taken a before picture, I know. I think I have some somewhere from previous camera shots that I never posted. In any case, it started. I moved two book shelves into the closet and removed a filing cabinet. Oy, that was a lot of work and involved absolutely no sorting or organizing. But as my Mom always said, save that stuff for later when the place is clean. Ironic, considering my Mom’s houses growing up.

Oh nuts, there is Neeners crying. I am ready for bed, I thought I would just do a quick post marking this great day where I actually DID something, unlike last night where I picked up the living room, looked at the internet and played Plants VS Zombies.

Quick notes: Laima came over for a visit this afternoon with brownies and magazines, I went to the park (where there is sometimes broken glass in the rocks because it’s behind Woodman’s and stupid teenagers frequent it) and met up with Alex, Caleb and Auggie and Athena had to wear shoes for the first time in her life (she hated it) — but if you are gonna walk, you gots to wear shoes baby. Emily and Leo stopped by around noon to pick up garage sale stuff and Morella kept saying “Come on Leo, come on Leo!” She is so excited by playing with him and actually having him ‘listen’ to her and follow her around. I did some great work on cleaning up the living room and undigging ourselves from the busy month we have had neglecting everything. Tomorrow is the Sun Prairie wide garage sales … looking forward to it.

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