Wow, So Dave and Karen called and we went to the cool coffee place across the street, but since there was an event there it was super crowded so we went ye Olde Lighthouse where we camped out the rest of the night. It was SO nice to see them and see what they had been doing these past years. Dave has one of them old-fashioned, I am a professional photographer cameras and he took pictures. They said they had a scanner, so I am hoping to see them sometime in the near future. Perhaps, then I could even post it on here.

Why the heck not?

Now I am enjoying some Chai tea, with a little milk and sugar, and am going to watch Sunday morning TV. I do have a movie that I should be watching before we return them, but I have no real interest in watching being John Malcovich, consindering I don’t particularily like him all that much. Hey, it was free movie from the blockbuster rewards thing, and I had plenty of others to watch.

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