Tonsil and Daycamp

My left tonsil has been bothering me today, so I decided to take a flashlight and have a look. It’s more swollen than the right side, and I while looking at it I decided to poke it. As I did that, something hard and white popped out. I immediately went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out and it fell out. I didn’t prod it because I was sort of disgusted by it. I wonder if that is what caused the problem, something stuck in my tonsil, or if I had pushed something out. In any case, gross! Aren’t you glad to you read this? I am now drinking a cup of herbal revive tea loaded with honey that I got from my friend Jess. I was looking for throat coat tea but I guess I am out. Instead of making me feel revived I feel incredibly tired and ready for bed. I think once I finish this I will head that way.

I had my friends two girls over today. It went really well. We played outside a lot, they worried about the dog too much, Morella flitted among them — this diminutive little princess in a very fluffy, lacy dress. Athena took a nap, but Morella didn’t. Who could blame her? She had older girls around to admire. We even went out and tried to fly a kite in the school greens but the wind wasn’t gusty enough, and the kite I have is for a slightly more advanced kite flyer. I might have gotten it up, but not without more wind and a baby pulling at my pant legs. Morella then said she wanted to go home. She was clearly exhausted. We came home and I put a movie on – Stuart Little that I got a garage sale a week or two ago. They all watched it, and Morella devolved even further to the point where she wanted to just play by herself in her room. At that point the girl’s Mom came to pick them up and took them off. Within five minutes we all crashed. Athena and I in my room and Morella in her. We slept for a good hour and 1/2 at which point Morella woke up crying hysterically. I went in and no matter what I did she just cried and screamed more. I finally just left her alone with a little bit of milk and made dinner with Neeners. She went back to sleep after a 1/2 hour of it. She awoke when Tim came home and cried and wanted to be held for about 45 minutes before she finally shook it off, ate dinner, had a second ice cream cone and then opted out of walking the dog to stay home and color with me. Athena went to bed like an angel — in fact, Tim put her down. He has a new system where he’ll lay with her bed and let her flop on him until she goes to sleep. This works best, of course, if she has had dinner and nursed afterward.

I think she was just overtired from all the excitement. Tomorrow I am going to make a concentrated effort to have her take a nap. Maybe I’ll tell the girls to play in the backyard, or with electronic games while she goes down. Of course it doesn’t help that Athena was up for the rest of the day (well despite that other nap) and need to be played with and entertained.

Tomorrow is Athena’s 12 month appointment. It’s been pushed back because of the new doctor and health care that we have. I am planning on taking her alone because she most assuredly will be getting shots. I should dig up the health summary from her last appointment and bring them with me. Though Dean as mychart too, I don’t think the records crossed over. That would have just been too easy. I had gotten a letter from GHC (previous health care) a couple weeks ago at Athena’s old appointment with a new patient form — it almost made me cry to look at it and read the kinds of questions they were asking about a baby that was born under their care and with them for most of the first year of her life. I shredded the form so I wouldn’t come across it again.

And, at publish time of this post I hear singing in Morella’s room.

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