12 Month Athena

I can do photos when Tim is at his gaming night and after Morella goes to bed.

Athena at 12 Months – It is getting increasingly harder to get her to stay still…

Morella at 33 Months


Somebody wants out (notice Athena signing down)

Dangit Mom, I said I wanted out!

Detail of the photo above the crib — Ned, Tim and Chad

Hambone goes for the camera

Pretending to sleep, as opposed to the 4 month old Morella sleeping…

Athena had her 12 month well baby check up today. She weighs 20 lbs and 5 oz (31%) and is 30.25″ (78%) inches long. Long and lean, that’s how we like our girls to be. Athena was a total ham at the office, crawling around, standing, walking and charming anyone who looked her way with a happy screech. She even let a nurse take her away to get measured and weighed while I talked to another nurse about routine well baby stuff. I was super impressed she didn’t howl when she left sight of me. It’s a well known fact that Athena is first and utmost a “Momma’s Girl.” She was all smiles until those shots. Afterward, I nursed her and she fell asleep. Imagine her dismay when she awoke to having her ring finger pricked being squeezed to death to get blood for her iron and lead counts. Poor baby. After that, I signed some forms to get medical records transferred to the new clinic, got a few questions answered and then stopped at Subway to get lunch for all of us (Lowen, who graciously watched Morella and the girls I am watching while we were at this appointment, Neeners and myself). Then she took a nap, and I tried to get Morella to take a nap…to no avail. So we ended up going outside to blow bubbles — where, get this…Morella can finally blow bubbles by herself! Woo hoo! Another friend of mine had recently mentioned how great it was for your kid to learn how to blow them by themselves, and I have to agree…).

That reminds me, Morella did another first this past week and that was ask “why?”. Sure she has asked it on other roundabout ways, but this was the first time I got a real “Why” in response to something I said. Tonight we started reading short fairy tale stories from My Giant Story Book, I got at a garage sale after Athena went to bed early (with a little tylenol to help with the sore thighs). At first I was a little surprised that she was able to pay attention, ask questions and finish hearing the first story — and then the following three stories (The Three Pigs, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Shoemaker and the Elves), but then I realized “She is not just two, she is an old two — almost three”. She is getting to the age where she can listen to longer stories and more complicated stories. It’s finally happening! I have been looking forward to this stage of having kids since before I had kids. The nightly reading of stories. Oh I have stories and fairy tales, fables, novels, etc galore to read to them! I have been collecting since Morella was in the womb — before I even bought her first outfit. It’s something I had always wished my Mom had done for me and envied those who were privileged to nightly stories.

2 thoughts on “12 Month Athena

  1. Sarah

    I agree – life is easier now that Ruth can blow some bubbles by herself. She still spills plenty of bottles (although we did invest in some bubbles with a rubber slit top that allows the wand to slip in and out, but stops spills). But eh, bubbles are cheap.

    I’m happy to see that Athena has her castle book for bedtime reading! Nichol has his in his bed too, along with a few other cushy cloth books and stuffies, including the orange jingle cow you had given to Ruth.

    My gosh, Morella is still so discinctly herself — she looks just like the sleeping baby Morella. I love her frothy princess nightgown/blouse, and want one in my size.

    I don’t mind bedtime storytime too much — it’s cozy and I like some of the books myself, and I enjoy Ruth’s reactions. But I’m soooo exhausted some nights that I confess to cutting it short sometimes, or being relieved when Ruth is being really naughty and we cancel stories as punishment.

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