It’s really quiet to day. Katie is gone to visit her sick grandmother. Andrew is rewriting this play to make into his opera. Jessica is doing hell knows what. Rita is making schedules and chatting in greek, and I have just finished reading all of my morning journals and am now making my own entry. Rather unproductive morning, but also nice and quiet.

Last night I got a ride home with Andrew and was in the door by 5.30. It was nice. I wasn’t feeling well, so I smoked a smoke (only two more days left) and went to lay down. Rest would not come to me because Migo wandered around the apartment yowling. Tim yelled at her once to be quiet, which she was for a mere two minutes and then continued her lonely wail. Finally I got up and took her to the potty. She went and I went back to bed only to be harassed by more howling. Tim of course, is oblivious to all of this as his headphones only allow the sound of little digital robots blowing up other digital robots with the occasional techno..okay I can’t even tell you what kind of noise it is making because I haven’t heard it it in so long. But I ASSUME it is making footsteps and gun noises and blowing up stuff noise). I catch Migo and put a neck gaiter around her. I figure it is soft and won’t hurt her, but would keep her occupied. She squirts out of it moments later. Then I put a red ribbon around her, with some fake hair remnants tied pinned to the ribbon. That kept her busy for a few minutes and looked even more promising when Arkharm started to follow her around and pounce. Finally, someone would play with her. I went back to bed, but sleep would not come. I was afraid I would be too tired to watch Buffy, which I missed last week because I was watching a movie…the Wonder Boys. (Very inspirational movie). The Migo plan only lasted like 10 minutes because she started up again and Tim took off the ribbon (it would have worked it’s way free eventually). Anybody want a cat that want’s to be actively played with every waking moment of the day?

At the end of Buffy Tim surprised me with a delicious dinner of pork chops, couscous and mixed vegetables. I got up and joined him at the table with a glass of wine. It was nice. Afterward I was still pretty tired and unmotivated and retired to bed to read more Crytonomicon. I just feel like I haven’t had much time for reading lately with all my other projects. I also got a letter from Virginia in Texas. She’s 33, into information and library science originally from New York for her entire life except the last seven months and hates it there, I have quite an interesting perspective on Texas now. …

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