Adventures in Babysitting

I had my own little adventure in baby sitting on Tuesday when Leta and Mina were here. It was a grey over cast day with the threat of rain looming over us. Heading to a park or trying out luck at flying a kite was out of the question, so we made to. Falkor needed a bath and Tim and I were tired of hearing Morella screech about how stinky he was, so I jokingly suggested to the girls that they give him a bath. Of course they jumped at the chance. Washing a stinky, short dog is the top on every little girls “last day of summer” to do list.

We filled the plastic pool in the back with water from the outside faucet bucket by bucket (too lazy to hook up the hose) and then added a few buckets of hot water from the kitchen to take the chill off. I then held him and told the girls to pour water over him, making sure to get him good and wet. We all took a handful of soap and scrubbed him really good, followed by rinsing him off. Just as we were about to finish I told the girls to back up as soon as I let go of him. Mina asked why, and I said “You’ll see.”

I let go of Falkor and called out “okay now! Back away!” and everyone did. Mina, Morella and I all stepped back to watch Falkor. He jumped out of the pool and ran instantly toward the backdoor, where Leta ran. She stood behind the closed door and watched as he shook himself off. Mina, Morella and I all watched as he stood there dripped wet while Leta started to open the door.

“No, no!” we all said. “Don’t open the door. Don’t let him in!”
“I won’t let him in,” she quavered, and opened it a crack. “Falkor … ” she hesitated.

Falkor took his chance and I watched in horror as one really wet dog slunk into the house. I ran after him and saw him crash into all sides of the kitchen. Water everywhere. I yelled at him to go back out side and he ran into the living room. I slide across the floor after him, straining unused thigh muscles and got him out of the living room. He got him through the kitchen but the stinker ran around to the back of Morella’s room and headed back into the living room and jumped up on the couch.

Oh man. Water, water everywhere. On he couch I was able to grab his collar and lead him outside where ran off to hide under a lawn chair. Then I turned around to face Leta. I was proud of myself for not yelling, but I did tell her we asked her to not open the door, and that she needed to clean up the mess. I gave her a towel and walked out to let her clean up a bit. I gave her a few minutes of solitary cleaning before we all went in and helped her.

Well, all I can say is, “At least he was clean.”

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