Ride the Drive, Shiner and Failed 40′s Hair

It’s your new edition of Thursday night photos (note next week there will be nothing because we are out of town for a wedding)

Sunday was Ride the Drive (the 3rd so far in Madison).

East Wash is shut down for bikers only

Waiting for Lance Armstrong to show up

Morella and Neeners making themselves comfortable

Bad ass Ann acting all biker casual

Look at those hipster tots in the Kid’s area

Morella getting some kitty pigment

Neeners first shiner

My second failed attempt at 1940′s hair. I’m running out of time people!

If only I looked like this all time — no one can see the double chin growing at this angle. ;)

My camera is old and beat up and likes to shift into different camera modes at a moment’s notice. I kind of liked the yellow of it.

There you go!

We had a nice day. Had breakfast with out friend Lowen, got a new bike helmet and looked at balance bikes for Morella (and eventually Neeners), picked up a few things from Target (winnie the pooh coloring books in the dollar bin). Then, when it was clear no one was taking a nap, I finally tackled sending a very large package to my pal Jess. I wore Athena in the sling, Morella in the stroller and carried the heavy box in an oversized Ikea bag — and almost tipped Morella on the ground. A very helpful old lady watched on and then commented “You almost knocked her over!” Thanks lady. Thanks. After that I picked up photos from Walgreens, and then went home where Neeners took a nap, but Morella didn’t. Sigh. Again with the no naps. Yesterday was her first after a three day strike. Later on Tim came home, I found some hamburgers in the freezer and made them — and gave them to the dog and made grilled cheese and a frozen pizza instead. Then Tim left for his game and I cleaned up Morella’s room with Morella and Athena.

After they went to bed, I enjoyed my mandatory computer time (Tim takes the Ipad with him) and caught on some emails. If I do this every week, I’ll be one step closer getting back to my old internetting self. That would be nice. I like getting real emails and whatnot once in awhile.

3 thoughts on “Ride the Drive, Shiner and Failed 40′s Hair

  1. Sarah

    I think you’ve almost got some passable vintage hair in the last two photos. Curl the bangs under or back and secure with a rhinestone clip/pin/barrette or hair-colored bobby pins. You could also pull your curls back with a rhinestone clip/pin/barrette on either side to give them a little more control and lift. If you parted to one side, you could put the clip on one side for a very vintage look. I want to recommend some sort of setting lotion, mousse, or fixing serum to cut the frizz and accentuate the curls, but I honestly don’t know what product to tell you about. Maybe Lowen or Sigrid would have some suggestions.

    I would probably spray each section with spritz before curling — curl fast, before it dries. Then when I was done I’d *gently* brush through the curls to help them wave together, then spritz lightly again once I had the accessories in place.

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