Catching up

I hate it when I get behind writing down my life. It’s when it gets so busy and so frantic that I don’t have the time I usually do to write things down. I thought that when Athena would get older that I would have oodles more time to carefully craft posts, but that just isn’t the case. To be honest, I think it just happens. I have seen many a good blog dwindle away to nothing as the children got older. To be fair, I have also seen many a good blog get less kid-centric. I guess I am just in limbo, waiting to see where things go. I don’t think I’ll ever give up blogging — I just like doing it too much, even when I am sure that my readership is just down to a few good friends. But you know, in that case I am writing for my friends since I can’t seem to get decent email out anymore to say nothing of my letter writing.

I think it’s just that summer is such a blur of activity. I long for that activity in the winter months and look forward to the endless stream of things to do and just enjoying being with my family outside and enjoying the moment. At the same time, I don’t want to forget all these precious moments. I have been trying to make mental pictures of everything, but there is only so much room in this noggin’. I wish my head was like my heart, which I know has a lot of capacity for love.

This past weekend we went to Door County to see Tim’s brother Ben get married to Kelly. He was the last of Tim’s family to get married and I was looking forward to spending some quality time with the family and having a mini vacation. I managed to lay on the grass by the shore, on white sand by the shore and later on our way home in a green grassed park in a small town I forget the name of. It sometimes even amazes me where I will day down given the chance. I like to just take in everything while laying down, and the kids love it when you get down to their level, so I do it a lot. The wedding was beautiful, my outfit was fantastic and I got several glowing compliments, Kelly was amazing, Ben dapper, Tim handsome and the kids adorable. Morella didn’t actually make it down the aisle, but she did keep the dance floor blazing the rest of the night. It was like she was on crack — she was nonstop, dancing, trying to breakdance, running around — all in a pair of owl jammies, her pink weebox, and pink jammie shirt. God help me that I never forget her rapture of the dance floor and music. Her face was absolutely priceless when they played her favorite song – Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas (which also happens to be one of her cousin’s fave songs). It was heavenly to carry her back to the cottage in my arms, her face pointed to the night sky and telling me about all the stars.

The big downers were that it rained all day Saturday (the one really good day), our roomies didn’t pay their share of the bill, several peeing accidents from Morella (need to was her carseat cover) and I my right eye became really irritated and was super red most of Friday and part of Saturday. It’s my new contacts, you really can’t stretch them past three weeks without something horrible happening to my eye.

Anyway. We all survived and were happy to be home – especially Athena.

–Morella is continuing her trend of not taking afternoon naps anymore, and we are all paying the price of her crashing at 5 or 6 or just barely making it to 7.

– Athena still nurses a lot at night, though the last couple of days she seems to be eating more. Still only two teeth.

–The new entertainment center with the new flatscreen TV is in place. I need to adjust two doors on the cupboards, but that’s it. It looks awesome and has so much storage (much of it hidden). The girls seem to like the new TV — oh heck we all love it. I am thinking of splurging even more (why not considering how much money has been spent the last two months) on getting the new Halo game since we can read the writing on it now.

–Kind of depressed about my Mom. She called to tell me she is getting rid of all her stuff because she doesn’t have much time left and doesn’t want a mess. I know this is because she is depressed, and because Frank has been home nagging her constantly the past couple of weeks about it. It just makes me so sad that she wants to get rid of the only thing that has made her happy and forget her problems the last couple of years. If she had a house like mine all of her craft stuff would fit into ONE room. But since she lives in a small trailer with three other adults and her only room is the living room (which has two beds in it) — she just doesn’t have a lot of storage. It told her she couldn’t give away the craft stuff and books, that I want them. I hope that she changes her mind about this. I called today and told Frank off (he claimed innocence) and talked to Mom who could barely talk because her speech was so slurred. She has been battling swollen legs the week that hurt and she can’t sit up to do anything. Sigh. Now I am trying to think about how I could get up there to get the stuff if she really is going to go through with this. It’s just hard to do it with Athena who still nurses. I am sure Neeners could get through a day without me, but it would be one miserable day for both her and Tim. Why do I want the stuff? Because I do love crafting and also because I feel like it’s the only inheritance that my girls will get. Sure, it’s not money but it would be hours and hours of creative heaven. That’s a great inheritance if you ask me.

Anyway, so I am kind of bummed about that today. She said “I don’t have a lot of time left” — that bothers me. But what also bugs me, is that if she doesn’t have a lot of time left then why not fill it with doing something that you love instead of…I don’t know…giving up.

–I cleaned most of the living today. It looks great. There is still plenty of stuff to do, but at least you can see the couch and the floor and walk through without tripping on stuff. I need to bring a bunch of the toys downstairs so that I can rotate them out and have new, exciting stuff for when the weather turns crappy and we head downstairs. I did it after Athena went to bed and Morella got up. I let her watch an hour of TV while I cleaned to keep her mellow and sedate enough to go back to bed at 9:00. I was hoping that she would have slept through from 5 on through the night and catch up on her sleep from the big weekend, but then again I wouldn’t have been able to clean up as much of the living room.

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Sarah

    The wedding sounds like wonderful fun, and I beg you for pictures SOON of your outfits, and of Morella dancing like a fiend. Ugh on the skipping-out roommates. Do they have any excuse to make their cause sympathetic?

    Does Morella not tell you when she needs to go potty on the road? That’s my next big worry — dealing with a newly potty-trained kid on long road trips; trying not to be irritated when she asks *again* to go potty and it adds time to our drive; wrangling her through dirty gas station bathrooms, etc. etc. It’s just so much easier to let ‘em sit quietly and go in a diaper! Well, we’re still some months away from that stage yet.

    I am so sorry to read about your mom’s sadness, and yours. Maybe she just needs someone to help her review and pare down the craft supplies — so she has the stuff she needs to make things she has definite plans for, but miscellaneous stuff can go to you and the girls. If she wants something back for a project she’s thought of, it can go back. I’m also imagining a tower of stackable clear storage boxes for her — lots of holding power, but a small footprint.

  2. Abigail

    I’m sorry to hear about your mum’s situation. I’ll be thinking about you guys as you navigate that trouble. I am really glad that the fam had such a blast at the wedding! Morella sounds exactly like Ruth last year at our cousin’s wedding. It makes you think, doesn’t it, of the delight of simple things like a floor meant just for getting crazy dancing on!

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