Ben and Kelly’s Wedding

ETA – I had to include a photo of Kelly’s bridal bouquet — I think it was one of the most beautiful ensembles I’ve ever seen.

The wedding was held at the Alpine Resort in Door County, WI.

2 thoughts on “Ben and Kelly’s Wedding

  1. Sarah

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! You look amazing, Laura! I think you need to share *your* vintage hair tutorial with all of us now, because it looks professional. Tim and Ben, so dapper in their cream and peacock feathers — what a unique and striking choice. I honestly hadn’t heard of using peacock feathers that way, and I have a fondness for peacock feathers. I love the use of pale peacock feathers with the cream and blush tones in Kelly’s bouquet. Again: so unique and attractive. I wonder if the feathers are from albino peacocks.

    Now, with her multitextured layered necklace, classic dress, and unique bouquet, Kelly says 21st century bride to me. And the men are timeless classics. Was the “vintage” theme brought in other ways?

    I can’t believe I was scummy-camping and hiking with all these glamorous people (and trying not to throw up with morning sickness) just four years ago. Kelly too! I just checked my records:

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