Monday’s should be spent getting up and going full speed ahead, right? I used to do that. I would have story time on Monday mornings, but that was before I had two kids, both of which enjoy hanging out in their jammies most of the morning and playing independently or together. They do not do this every morning, but Monday’s are special. Maybe it’s because we have been so busy the last couple of weekends that they appreciate having time in their own home. I remarked to Tim last night that Athena is always thrilled to be home after a long day away. She putters around the house, laughing and playing. He said it’s because “she has a lot more freedom at home.” I guess I hadn’t thought of that. She does have a lot more freedom at home than other places. She can walk where she ever wants to without one of us stopping her, she can play with whatever she wants too, there are oodles more toys around.

Plus, both kids seem tired and I hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, Morella might take a nap. I’ll be honest here and say that it’s been hard on me adjusting to Morella being napless. She is having a hard time in the evenings adjusting too, but no matter what I try she won’t sleep and nearing bedtime everyone is cranky.

This post just isn’t coming together. The 1/2 hour morning show I had was wasted on vacuuming or other such nonsense. So just so I can get it down weekend recap

–Friday night we stayed in and played Halo: Reach
–Saturday we ran errands as a family where Tim and I took turns staying the car with one or both kids while the other ran and did the errand. We stopped a few garage sales, took a walk, played outside and inside. Tried to do laundry. That night I left them all and went to a dinner party with a few close friends. Morella had helped me bake an apple cake so I took that over. It was nice to get out and be away. This past week was full of one on one visits with friends and I loved it. Monday was Sigrid. Wednesday was Ann. Thursday was Lowen and Saturday was Hilary, Lowen, and Laima. Perfect! I feel very connected all of a sudden with my real life.

Sunday -Cheese Days in Monroe WI with the longest parade we ever have been too. It was overcast and rainy when we got there and by the time it left we were all chilled because it was cold and windy. We did have cheese though and got some great parade stuff. It will be awesome when Morella and Neeners are older and scavenging for candy like little beggers. After we got back we changed into warm jammies, cuddled up on the couch, popped some popcorn and started to watch the Princess and the Frog. When it started to get scary (voodoo man) Morella started to ask “Why? What’s happening?” etc. It’s good that she lost interest in the film before the end. Sheesh! After the kiddos were in bed, I spent an hour working on cleaning and organizing the office (I was actually able to vacuum the floor today!) and then played some more Halo: Reach with Tim. I went to bed and was only awakened once at 3:00 to feed Neeners and fall back asleep. I think the secret to my success was putting in ear plugs again.

This morning I actually feel normal, unlike last week which was spent in a fatigued fog. I just couldn’t stop feeling tired.

Okay, everyone is dressed and I feel like I need to go to the store to get something for lunch, but maybe I don’t. Maybe I can make some ramen or something and skate by…and make some kind of soup for dinner. There are things we need from the store, however lately I have been challenging myself on “making it” instead of running out whenever we mildly need something. Speaking of mild, I do need dishsoap pronto. Athena put two crayons in the dishwasher last week and … ugh. ugh ugh. I tried putting WD on it and vinegar, and using a magic eraser, but the only thing that seems to dissolve the mess (which entirely coats the inside of the dishwasher) is good old fashioned dish soap and scrubbing. I have only done the front door so far, and in the meantime have been washing dishes manually and trying to keep up.

Tim was late to work this morning so I don’t think he will be back until late. His fancy electric assisted bike keeps breaking spokes. We have to take it to the shop every other day it seems. The bike shop is ordering, yet a 3rd wheel from Trek (who assures us that this wheel is made from a different manufacture) and we’ll try that. All we need is one more time to make it the magic three before lemon laws come into play. Willy St. Bike shop seems willing to make the expensive purchase right, and yet are rather unwilling to offer up a cash refund. We’ll see what happens — but in the mean while this whole thing is rather annoying. Maybe if the new wheel doesn’t work out we’ll push to get a refund and use that money as a deposit on a compact, fuel efficient car and wait until spring before we just get Tim a good road bike.

ha ha — I just picked up Neeners to give her a hug and she patted my back.

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