Phone for Bro

Today was a pretty good day I think. Good in that I got a lot done — which may or may not be that important, but it was enough to vent some of the pressure of urgency on a 1000 items that I feel like I have do. I got up. Took a shower while the kids watched their morning TV (Jack’s Big Music Show and Toot and Puddle) and then got on the horn with a new friend to talk about the ho-chunk language. We talked for about 25 minutes and the I got the kids ready and took them over to my friend Karen’s house. Karen is one of the Mom’s I was lucky enough to get to know over the course of the last two years from Morella’s playgroup. She had called on Monday and asked if there was anything she could do. For once, I actually had something to mention.

She watched Athena and Morella for two hours while I dropped off some books at the library, stocked up at Walgreens and texted my younger brother Andrew, and then came home to make some phone calls. I got two major things accomplished. One, I got a phone and internet hooked up for my brother Shane, who will now be living in Dad’s house. It shall hence forth be referred to as Dega’s, to the kids. A big motivation to have him be reachable by phone is that he can check in with Mom since he moved out. I know he is worried about her and who will look after her. We all worry about that right now. I hope that Josh and Frank step up their game now that he is gone. When I called to tell him his new phone number and when it would be hooked up (Monday) he was the happiest I have heard him in a long time. That was a pretty nice fuzzy. It’s hard to make Shane sound happy. ;)

The second big phone call was to the bank regarding Dad’s car account. I learned that when he bought the car, he was still married and that Barb is a cosigner. I said that they divorced, and the Bank Lady said “It doesn’t matter. She is responsible now for the car and the payments.” I guess in the world of divorce they split those things up and take care of them? I don’t now. It makes sense that my Dad and Barb would have just agreed that he take on the payments. But you know, it was a immense relief to hear that. For one, I officially don’t have to worry about it anymore, other than how I can help Barb. Two, Doug now has a really good reason to not be in it. He has been taking Dad’s death pretty hard and hitting the bottle. We are all worried about what would happen to him, so in a way this is a nice legal, non partisan way to say “Hey, quite driving that car!”

I picked up the kids and was happy to hear they were angels. Morella told Karen all about how she had “a long day” ahead of her playing at her house in the morning and then making cookies with me in the afternoon while Neeners took a nap. Morella also told me she had a long day at the end of the day. I blame Tim for that phrase. Anyway, we didn’t actually get around to making cookies because it was beautiful out. So I took the old red comforter I had gotten from my Japanese friend back in college (she bought it for the year she was here but it was too bulky to take back with her) and a pillow and found a patch of sun to lay down on. The girls played in the backyard and I looked up at the sky and watched the leaves falling. Leaves that were alive when Dad was alive and now are passing on. Eventually the got bored so I offered to take them for a wagon ride. We just left, me wearing house slippers and the girls with no shoes and went for a walk with some frosted animal cookies.

Eventually we ended up at another friends house who have two boys about the same age as Morella and Athena. They played in their back yard and I sat on their swing and chatted. It was nice. Eventually I did end up saying something about how things were going. I tried to explain why I was there in only house slippers — being that we were enjoying the day “Because days like this do not last.” I wanted to add on “and because Dad being gone will always be there.” But I didn’t.

Alex, the Dad, gave me a suggestion as how to make sweet potatoes, because I was at a loss for the vegetable (we were having pulled pork as the main). He said to have mashed sweet potatoes with cheese. Huh? He said the kids love it. I didn’t believe it. Well, guess what? Kids DO love it. I used cheddar cheese and shredded it, stirred it in until it melted with a healthy dose of butter and …voila! Morella actually asked for seconds (though she didn’t eat it).

Later on, I walked the dog. Did ho-chunk practice with Tim. Read a little. Wrote my Mom the second letter in my Letter a Day project to help keep her motivated to live life — even if it is to just check the mail. Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and even made a pot of tea. It was only sleepytime — I really wished it was extra sleepy time. Even though I am tired, I like that extra little fuzzy feeling that it gives you. Speaking of which, I need to go to bed. Another busy day of propping that upper lip up. :P

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