It is not … holy cow almost four o clock. Where did the day go? The Sam’s club trip was okay, and then we had to stop by a pizza place, so that the temp could personally walk into the store and hand the manager a map for the delivery location of the pizza on Saturday. What? I refused to be part of such stupidity and let the temp go and do this, after I told him he should fax or simply … call. He said no, that since this was “Be Nice to the Incompetent Jessica Week” he would do this inane project. While I was protesting I went into this cute store called Mostly Handmade and browsed. I found this great cheezy indian on a pony in a box that rides… called Wind UP horse and rider. It’s great, because it is a cheesy little indian with a pink head band, yellow and pink feathers complete with a blue tomahawk. Universities are filled with PC conscientious people, so when *I* have something corny like this, they are a bit of at a loss.

I also got candy for the cauldron and dressed the cauldron up a bit with red hearts and white paper.

I went to Ikea this weekend with Mischa and his friend Steve. Under dire threats of an early morning, I actually was up at 8:00. But no one came. So I watched movie on HBO, made a cappuccino or two and then called Micha at 10:00 to find out if he was going to go at all. Sure enough, he over slept, and then picked me up a half hour later.

While playing “dodge the dog bombs” outside waiting for my ride, Bekah and Greg walked by with their little dog. It seems they are going to rent an apartment two buildings away from us. A block and a half is too far. Kidding. Their other apartment is terrible, loud rhino neighbors, very ghetto. Very.

And so, Ikea was fine. I had to stop half way through for a muffin and more coffee because I feeling dizzy and hadn’t eaten anything…afterward I felt better. Still, I was SUPER hungry by that evening as was Tim. What did he do you might ask? He went off to his Mech Warrior thing, and instead of getting decimated this time…he also ruined my chance to ask this:

Q. What does corn and Tim have in common?

A. Both are often creamed.

Ha.. BUT, he was victorious. Unbelievable. He beat his nemesis..a snotty little 16 year old nerd as well as the other two victim mechs bot players that made this battle victorious.

Got home at 5:30 in time to unwind a bit before we had to leave at 6:00 for dinner with Eric and Kate, Inc. What did I buy? Oh come on, do you really want to know? No you don’t. You’re just saying that.

Dinner was Indian food. I have found, I don’t care for Indian food. Too spicy.

Afterward we went to Brew and View, where I suffered through the hardest non-smoking situation yet. Watching JackAss. Oh my god, it was pure torture. Pure. Utter. Torture. Let’s just say I got pretty drunk. The other movie was 8 Mile, which I have seen before. Then we moved to another bar…I don’t know why. We just did..oh wait I do know why. Jackass was going to play again, and that would have REALLY made me smoke. Around 1.30 Tim and I decided we were drunk enough and headed home after getting a award donut and decaf coffee for the ride home.

Sunday, in my movie and knitting phase I watched: Demolition Man [I actually enjoyed this movie immensely!], Zoolander [Another funny movie], and then we went grocery shopping, digital camera shopping…we didn’t find one. The thing about Chicago is everything is always picked over and sucky. The only thing Chicago has in abundance is assholes and restaurants. SO, I will take a suggestion for a camera if you got it. After food gathering, we rented some movies and went home. Watched Brotherhood of the Wolf. Wow…those independent french movies always have to have a whore house and go one for too long.

It’s like…they don’t know how to edit movies, like they took a book and literally changed it into a movie. If the french had done Lord of the Rings, you can bet a hundred trolls that Tom Bombedil would have been in it.


Today I got one of the nicest emails in a long time. An old friend of mine from college sent me an email. We have barely kept in touch the last three or four years and only by the skin of our nails. He was always busy and would update me the ‘very next chance he got’, which never came. Well the email I got today said he was sorry for that, and that he hoped it would change in March when he moved to Belfast and started a new job…but he also said ” My biggest regret about my time in America is never looking you in the face and saying that I thought you were a brilliant, special person, which I truly did from that first time I met you.”

Aww. The thing about Mike is that he is one of those really interesting people you meet and imagine to have been like Edgar Allen Poe, or some other misunderstood, strangely tragic persons.

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