I spent a good portion of my free time today editing and sorting through photos to put up on Facebook (since it’s free, organized and you can see them by clicking on the following links).

Ben and Kelly’s Wedding in Door County


The end of Summer 2010

In other news, we spent the whole day at home. Morella has a cold, Athena is teething (the one next to the two front top teeth is cutting through), and Tim had the car so it’s not like I could really go anywhere anyway. Not that I wanted to, taking two crabby kids who were up at 5:30 and 6:00 isn’t on top of my list of fun things to do on a Monday. We did spent time outside in the front yard where I swept the sidewalk and driveway, and weeded the rest of the driveway. I also had the girls pick the rest of the tomatoes so that we could bring them inside and put them in a window. It’s not that I am thrilled about eating tomatoes, it’s that the girls love watching them turn red and then *they* eat them. A good thing considering that they ate their weight in sugar cookies and frosting today. It was my activity to help appease the little boogers. Morella helped me back them this morning while Athena napped and then they both helped to decorate them in the afternoon.

I also had them help me sort through a box of stuff from the big office organization. Today it was going through the stamp pads, glue, negatives and other various little things tucked away in the wooden boxes I have in the room. I got these wooden boxes from Ikea several years ago and got the idea to stain them with red ink a couple weeks ago. It might or might not be a good idea…especially if they ever get wet. Hm. BUT it looks good and I have just been writing on the outside of the drawers in chalk with what is inside. Going through boxes of junk like that is such a great activity for little kids.

I also spent a good portion of my day picking up crayons over and over, and putting puzzles back together after Morella got into her entire stash of them and dumped them all on the floor, as well as more cleaning and organizing Morella’s room. It’s like I have to go through and do a complete transfer of toys from the living room back to her room once a month.

Dinner was reheated beef stew that Lowen and Sigrid had made me a couple of weeks ago. It’s seriously the best beef stew I have ever had and I ate way too much of it. Thank goodness for friends and their food making abilities.

I had a pretty good day for the most part until I ran into the last known picture of Dad. Then it felt like I was punched again in the stomach for awhile. Good thing I have my back owie to keep me from dwelling on it. This past weekend I had the good fortune of falling back on a broken chair (the arm was broken) and breaking the back off with my back. I have a big scrape and bruise to mark the area and it can be a little tender sitting on it or sitting back today.

Well, I had started this post with not knowing what I was going to talk about, and look I found stuff.

Other quick things, I started a new blog, in which we focus on our attempt as a family to learn to speak Ho-Chunk (Hocak). I’ll give you the link later when I start to fill it out. My main goal today was just to start it and invite Tim to it.

I found a tape that Tim, Dad and I had made several years ago. I thought I had lost it and have been looking for it on and off for the past couple of years. I had recorded it on a hand held tape recorder but messed up the setting at the time so that you can only play it on the recorder because it sounds super fast other wise. I just need to figure out how to digitize it. It was nice to be able to hear Dad’s voice, and laugh. It was just as I remember it. I wonder, if when I hear it again in many years if it will sound just the same and bring it all back to me. Anyway, the tape was in that box of stuff that the girls and I went through this afternoon.

Well, I should think about bed. I have been trying to go to bed at 9:30 now. I would like to hit 9:00 but that is just too early for me. Sometimes the girls don’t even go to bed until 8:00. I guess I just want to see what happens if I do that every day for a two to three weeks. How will I feel? Will I get more done throughout the day? Will I feel more energized and competent? Will it battle the SADD that seems to affect me every year? I don’t know. Sometimes I envision myself waking up at 5:00 and having some quiet time in the morning with a hot cup of coffee…but then again it’s getting cold and I hate getting out of my nice warm bed. I even busted out the down comforter this past weekend!

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