Good day

It was a good day, and a good weekend. I did have a terrible migraine on Saturday that made me nearly throw up — but I managed to overcome it. We went to the Greyhound Gala and donated a bunch of money with a slim chance to win some bag raffles. We didn’t win anything but we did walk away with a t-shirt and a bandana that Morella picked out for Falkor.

Sunday Tim took the girls on an errand. It was my first time in memory having the house to myself to do whatever I wanted. So what did I do? I cleaned. I cleaned like a madwoman and got so much done. I was very sad when the 45 minutes ended and Tim came home, but then he took the girls and the dog out for walk so I was able to really clean the bathroom. They arrived home just as I was about finished and as soon as they walked in the door they were in the bathroom “helping” me. Then last night I went to Laredo’s for Bookclub (we talked about Little Bee) which was pretty awesome and then home for an early bedtime.

Today I got the girls dressed after morning TV time and rode bike over to the Red Park for a playdate. I forgot to bring a towel to dry off equipment but some other Mom’s thought ahead and we were able to dry it all in no time. We had a good time at the park and made it back by 11:30 in time for Athena’s nap. She took a good long nap, and even Morella snuck one in while I looked at the internet and read a magazine. After they got up we spent some time decorating the house in preparation for our Halloween Party on Friday. I invited just Madison people, but it occurred to me now (late in the game) that maybe a few others might like to come. Mostly I am thinking of you Sarah — it’s on Friday from 5-8, so I know that is sort of hard to just pick up and go.

After we did some decorating and the girls started fighting, I ordered them all outside to play. They went out shoeless in this awesomely warm day for probably the last time this year. They ran around, played in the sandbox, and I worked very hard on starting a fire to burn through some more of our big brush pile. Tim came home earlier than I expected and we ordered pizza with the neighbors from Glass Nickle. Then I spent some time on the computer while they romped around with Daddy. Neeners was ready for bed at 7:00 and Morella at 8:00. Now here I am. Done with most everything I planned to do today, but could do more.

Tim is going to start working from home on Tuesday’s because he has early calls with India. This is great because it means we can start meeting with a ho-chunk language expert who was only available on Tuesdays. I gave him a call, two weeks later than he was expecting us — but I wanted to make sure that we would be able to devote the time he was/is able to give us. We are going to talk more tomorrow about working something out.

Well, I am going to work on making the Halloween Favors and watch Nanny McFee.

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