Emo Neeners

I put the girls to bed early tonight at 6:45. Neeners had a short nap today and Morella didn’t have any. We had my friend Hilary’s two girls over for a jam packed afternoon of making a pumpkin looking cake, ghost and worm cupcakes, arts project, pumpkin carving and seed roasting. My friend Lowen came over and helped with the chaos, and was generally good company. It feels old school to me to have her over visiting while relatively mundane things like this happen. The last time we did something boring was to peel apples and drink coffee. However, both were good times and l look forward to many more.

I should be cleaning and putting crap away. It’s going to be cold tomorrow and so the party is going to be mainly inside. Nutz. It’s okay, though really. It’s just that kids love being outside…well most of them do.

Look, here is Morella loving the wind storm yesterday …

And this is what Athena thought of it:


Athena has been a foul mood the past couple of days. Today she developed a bad diaper rash from her pooping episodes. She poops every two or three days and when she does, it’s an all day affair. I have been using disposables the last two weeks because I ran out of flushable liners and Happy Bambino are out. I was going to order them online, but as you can see, I have yet to do that. I should just do it…or just suck it up and scrap poop off the fleece liners into the toilet. I did that for most of Morella’s diapering experience. It’s just that, they are so nice… I guess I might just give her some good naked time tomorrow with leg warmers. Since today was a pooping day, there should be no incidents tomorrow.

Aren’t you glad you are still reading? Ha ha.

Study of Ho Chunk is going … I am confident that Morella, Neeners and I all know the words that we have been learning. I have been listening to audio recordings from the website every day — I wish there was more, particularly children songs. We started out in a bit of a frenzy, but that was clearly the wrong approach because Morella resisted and would tell us often to “stop talking like that”, and I felt to a certain extent that it was a little too … intense. I guess I say that because the intensity was fueled directly from my father’s death. It wasn’t fun. That isn’t how to learn something. We backed off a bit and are taking things a little more easy. I have given myself more time to let it all soak in and move forward. Having the girls, especially Morella understand me now when I use ho chunk words is incredibly motivating. I want to replace more and more words in her every day use.

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