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We are back at November again. Last year I did the NaNoBloMo with a small amount of success (read, I did it) and it was brought to my attention that it is November once again. I won’t tell you WHO told me it was November, I was able to figure that out on my own. So, since I do like to post at least one whole month every year, I thought I’d give it a go again. Heck if I did it last year with the holidays, birthdays, Tim’s conference and a newborn I can sure as heck do it again, right? All the same things apply, except for the newborn.

Looking ahead at this month I have: Tim’s week long absence to Seattle for his DBA PASS conference, making dinner for a new again Mom on the 11th, possibly a comedy show with my pal Laima, Tim’s birthday, Morella’s birthday, and Thanksgiving at the with Tim’s side of the family.

To start this month off, Morella has another cold that just started today. Athena just cut her fifth tooth and is still as crabby as all get out. Today I really wanted some me time. Time to set aside for personal projects, to figure out some kind of schedule for all these personal projects I would like to do, to clean the house, be an awesome Mom, great wife and interesting person. Instead, I feel back to my main daytime job – Momming. I did manage to pay some bills and clean up a bit throughout the day, and I even tricked the girls into taking a little nap in the afternoon. After a thrown together dinner of pasta shells, a jar of alfredo sauce, a can of green beans, a can of chicken meat topped with some shredded mozzerella (it was okay) and spinach with croutons for a “salad,” I left Tim with the girls for an hour to go to Target and get more tissues, tea and check out the Halloween clearance. Target was only 50% off … meh. I passed on it and went to Shopko on the word of another thrifty Mom for their 75% off. They had lots of decorating stuff, but I don’t like to buy that sort of thing unless it is from a garage sale. I did buy some owl plates and matching napkins for next year’s party, two electric candles, an orange wicker basket, orange tupperware to hold all the fall stuff and a dress up costume with a built in hoop skirt for Morella’s birthday. She’ll love it. She’s really getting into dress up these days. It’s also great because all these costume things will be good for Neeners next year when they can start to put on plays for me.

I got home with my loot in a hour and just in time to put Athena down to bed at 7:40 It wasn’t easy. She didn’t want to go down, and so I put her in her crib after 20 minutes and let her find a way to soothe herself. She is almost 15 months, she should be able to do this on her own with a full belly and being tired. She would cry off and off for about 20 minutes before she finally stopped. Good thing, I wanted to enjoy a little evening me time.

The weekend was busy. Friday I threw a Halloween party for the Eastside Playgroup. The next day when I wrote about in my party journal, I tallied 46 guests total (50 if you include us), and yet it never felt too crowded or packed. Everyone had a great time and there were some terrific tantrums by the younger guests who didn’t want to go home. ;)

Saturday we were invited to a birthday party, which we went too. Later that night I threw together a green witch costume and headed out to the Inferno to hang with my friend Sigrid. I later ran into Christian and Cecci and was home by midnight. I had fun. I was actually surprised by how much fun I had, despite Neeners STILL not going down by 9:10 when I left. Tim gave her some tylenol and got her down without a fuss.

Sunday I got up early, feed Neeners, got dressed and hopped in the car to drive solo up to my brother Shane’s house to meet with the lawyer that I had picked. They were meeting him for the first time to decide if he was someone they wanted to go with. I was disappointed and delayed because Andrew didn’t show up and texted at 12:30 that he would be 1.5 hours out – as in he hadn’t left yet. I told him to not bother because we would be done by then. He is going to have to call the lawyer to talk now — which reminds me I need to tell him that. After the meeting Shane, the Lawyer and I went over to the neighbor’s house to get a testimony and then to another neighbors house for the same thing. It was interesting to hear them tell the story of how and what happened. Apparently when Neighbor 2 got there, minutes after it happened, he went straight to the girl to make sure she was okay. She said she was. He then asked her if she called 911, and she said she was on the phone with the sheriff’s office right then. After that she asked him to hold her and she grabbed onto him and hugged him, while crying.

I found that … I don’t know. Interesting.

Another thing, there was a dead rabbit outside of the house on the road near the outline of Dad’s body. Shane told me that an elder said it was a sign that Dad had made it home. There was another sign a couple days prior from a flock of crows that came to the house and cawed before all flying off. You know, on Friday night I sort of felt like he got home. I can’t explain what or how, but I did think it.

I left and got back to Madison at 4:30 just as I was running out of gas. I stopped at Hyvee for some rotisserie chicken, rainbow rotini salad and crab rangoon for dinner and was back in the house by 5:00. We ate dinner, I got some very excited girls ready to trick or treat (as the neighbors had already started) and we went out.

This year’s tally:

4 princesses
5 pirate girls
2 bat princesses
3 screams
3 witches
5 ninja’s
10 teenagers (it was a mob)
woody (toy story)
2 wizards
santa claus
3 grim reapers
3 super hero’s
optimus prime
kitten cheerleader
sweeny todd
Aaron Rodgers
Brett Farve
Miley Cyrus
Glowy Bunny

67 kids! Wow, a far cry from the mere 9 we got the first year we lived here. You can tell the neighborhood is really turning back to the younger generation.

One thought on “A post a day keeps the doctor away

  1. Sarah

    I’m glad that you’re getting these signs and feelings that your dad is home.

    I hope the lawyer is able to take some of the weight off you. You weren’t there — it’s up to the lawyer to make sense of it all and deal with the system and arrange the best settlement for you and your brothers. Out of curiosity, was the girl rushing to school or something at that hour?

    Sounds like a successful Hallowe’en. I’m amazed that you could keep up with your costume tally. I don’t even keep a running count anymore. We’ll buy enough candy for 125, and if we run out early, off goes the porchlight.

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