Day 2: Contact

Tim’s second time working from home on Tuesday was a success. I was pretty crabby all day thanks to Neeners being up half the night. Well, okay, maybe she was up only 5-9 times starting at 11…does that count? Even though I had an opportunity to take a nap with her this afternoon, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was tired, yes but not enough to sleep. I just wanted the crabbiness to go away.

Anyway. Morella was better today, but not enough that I would take her off to do something, despite her asking. Tim did take her to the DMV to get his drivers license renewed. She returned home with a package of pink wafers that she picked out.

Contact is referring to our Ho-Chunk informant, Mr. Garvin. He called about 10 minutes before I had worked enough courage to make the call myself and agreed to come over at 4:00. Thankfully Tim and Morella arrived home at 3:20 while I was cleaning up the living room and unearthing the couch from a pile of stickers, unfolded laundry and barely used tissues.

We spoke for about an hour. When he came he was bearing gifts for Morella and Athena — big coloring books with water color paints and good brushes. They were in heaven! I can tell that this is going to be a very popular activity for the next couple of weeks -and maybe even winter. There is something about the big pages that seem to really engage the little ones. I do have another big coloring book squirreled away somewhere .. oh the basement! From SIL Sarah from when Morella was in the hospital two years ago. I should go and get that.

I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t find the digital recorder that we bought especially for these sessions, but it’s okay. It was a first “get to know you” meeting, and even though that is all it was there was a wealth of information I wanted to suck down into my memory. I find that I have a terrible time trying to concentrate as the language lesson unfolds because I want to write down and capture every little thing. Doing so tend to disrupt the train of thought … anyway. We’ll have the recorder next time and I can relax and let it go as it goes, and listen to the recordings later to write down the things I want to write down and really remember. Though I want to remember it all. I can see why people record things though –it’s seems like such a valuable tool.

One intriguing observation, is that after he had left and we were home eating Burger King (we had to take Tim to get his new bike right afterward and it was dinner time), is that Morella started actually using more ho-chunk words. “Ca Weeha! Ca!” This is actually pretty cool because I had remarked to Mr. Garvin that we had met with resistance from Morella in that she doesn’t want to use the language (even though she can understand us perfectly). Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could get her around more ho-chunk speakers?

Tidbit I found helpful today was that Morella and Athena can refer to each other as Hinu (1st daughter) and Weeha (second daughter) respectively. I had previously thought that only the parents could refer to the kids as such, but siblings can apparently call each other that. That makes things a little easier for me because I knew that Athena could call Morella “nu nu” meaning big sister, but I didn’t know what the word for little sister meant. Just looking at it now, maybe ‘nu nu’ came from the word ‘hinu’ sort of like ‘sis’ comes from the word ‘sister.’

The girls went down for bed okay tonight. I watched my recorded show of How I Met Your Mother and started a recording for The Walking Dead (sucks I have to wait until Friday) and am now here tap tap tapping. I think the tiredness is catching up with me now. I was able to buy some Sleepytime Extra tea from Target last night that I thought I would start making near bedtime to help with the goal of going to bed early, but I think I might be able to actually go to sleep if I do it now.

I took a shower this morning, the house is looking pretty good, and there is nothing I can really do bill wise or legal wise at this point. I should just go to bed. I have been writing my Mom in the mornings. I do need to go to the post office to pick up some more stamps so I can preaddress and stamp more envelopes, cards and postcards, so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and we voted today. Morella said “I don’t want to vote!” and I replied “That’s okay, because you and Neeners are too little to vote. Also, your stuffies can’t vote because they are stuffies.” She seemed happy with that and went along to the school library with us to vote.

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