Day 4: Halloween Recap in Photos

The old college crew + kids at the Eastside Playgroup Halloween Party on Friday

Kids on a couch at the Halloween Party

Morella posing before we went out Trick or Treating — she was so excited

The Princess and the Dragon

Getting into the wagon — the wagon was a great asset in pulling the kids quickly along between darkened houses

My friend Sigrid and I. I threw my Green Witch costume together in 15 minutes. I can’t say I am super proud of it, but it is better than going out as SAHM with a cranky baby

A PSA on why you should never slouch, even if you are trying to be witchy

Dancing on the dancefloor — photo taken by Sigrid (as are all the witch ones of me)

Lo and Behold there was one other green witch! This never happens. She asked me if everyone kept asking me if I was Wicked and I said no. Then minutes later…”Are you that witch from Wicked?” I said no, I am a generic witch.

Morella would have been in love with this costume … not shown is the sparkly pink kitty ears.

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