Day Four: Harmony Bar and Grill

Yeah, so this is me posting about yesterday. I am due two posts today. We had a pretty good day yesterday. We watched my friend Hilary’s 3 year old son Cullen for the morning. He was a hoot! Dancing, sweeping and helping me put a new rug in the office. Playing with Neeners and Morella… I noticed that he and Morella especially talked and had interaction when I was trying to put Neeners down for a nap. It’s amazing what the kids will talk about when an adult isn’t around. I am so surprised to see that Morella is capable of it, and what’s more that other kids her age are capable of it.

The afternoon was spent napping. It was awesome. I even got to nap, look at the Anthropologie Catalog, the internet and and the trees in the bright day sky. After everyone got up I started on cleaning up the living room and started to sort through all the girls toys. I have this dream of having them all organized so that I can pull out things every week and they will be amazed and play with a sorting stack of boxes….or the blocks….yeah right. I have tried that so many times. It works for only a little while before other various toys get put in. I can still try.

Then for dinner we went to meet our friends Oliver and Mark at the Harmony Bar and grill. The girls did pretty well, but we were there past Neeners bedtime. I had two beers, some okay chicken and meh noodle salad. We came home and Neeners tantrumed (and then was up off and on all effin night again…I had Tim give her tylenol at the 2:00 unsettling). My point is, when I put Neeners down for bed at 8:30 — I fell asleep for the night. Whoops.

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